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02 DW8 diesel berlingo runs bad after fill up.
Hi guys, I'm a noob to the forum.
My wife has an 02 mpv with a dw8, been a great car for 3 years+

Since we had it if you press the throttle past a certain point what seems to be a boost valve opens and the car accelerates noticeably quicker, sometimes it does it by itself, annoying in traffic.
Recently this has changed, if you drive just below the 'boost' point the engine smokes a little (not mega bad), and makes a louder diesel knock sound, like a really high milage engine (its done 125k).

Today after filling up this was a lot worse to the point of having to shift down a gear to get up hills on the mway, the engine behaves like its short of fuel.

Any ideas what this is, as a matter of course I'm going to replace the fuel filter and check the valve clearances, esp the exhaust.
The fuel pump is the armoured type with the electronic security gizmo's and 3 connectors.
Might just be water in the fuel.

Going to look this am.
OK I'm working nights and I just got home and had a look at the wifes car, its 6 am.

First off I pressed the fuel primer bulb 30 or 40 times, enough to pull fuel from the tank, and diesel leaked out from the side of the button, so it looks like the rubber duffer for the primer pump is leaking, after starting the engine i noticed the clear fuel line from the tank was solid with fuel, but the fuel line to the injector pump from the filter housing/primer pump had air bubbles, backing up the air leak from the primer, driving the car confirms this.

Can you get spare rubber things for the primer or do I have to replace the whole filter/primer assy.

I also noticed theres a pipe from a round unit next to the battery to what looks like the egr valve on the air intake, its broken off and sealed up, is this going to be an issue?

Also found a major exhaust leak, the front box was changed in dec, I wonder if the wire gasket was fitted to the manifold.
When I first got my van the wire gasket between the manifold and front exhaust section was the wrong one, it was too small and was leaking there. Making it sound like a VW camper van.

The EGR being disabled can in my opinion only be a good thing, it was probably done a while back because your EGR valve failed or got caked up in soot and oil. It is quite common for these age of vehicles to have then disabled. They are a stupid design anyway!

I've no idea about the seal sorry, maybe try a breakers or ebay?
2005 Enterprise 600 1.9D - It did 85 once but started to smell funny.
Yep, I found a second hander on ebay of a pugrot partner, be here Friday, it comes as a whole unit including the ally casting beneath the filter housing.
Its less than half the price than citroen want, just hope it hasnt got the same fault.

Once I get this sorted I'll take the car back to the garage that replaced the exhhaust, I dont spose they'll see it as their fault as I supplied all the aprts, but I've know him a long time so we'll osrt something out.

I'll let you guys know how things go on.

Also going to do a cam belt change on this car soon, and on my cityrover, they are both now 5k miles overdue.
Overdue cambelts is NOT a good idea.Confusedtudy:
Strawberry flavoured windows  Dodgy
Tell me about it, my rover 420 had gone over 50k, nearly twice before the belt broke and scarpped the car.
Isnt the DW8 a 'safe' engine?
NO it definitely is NOT.Confusedalut:
Strawberry flavoured windows  Dodgy
OK then, we'll sort out this air leak and then its on to the cam belt.
Fuel filter, housing and o rings have been replaced, and a fault with the exhaust has been sorted and my wifes motor now runs well again.
Thanks all.

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