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1.6 hdi slow cranking
Hi all sorry to have a first post with a problem but Such is life!
Anyway trying to sort out a friends berlingo. Ok so it's slow to crank now where in cold weather again. Changed the starter last year for a unrelated issue with a proper Citroen reburb, for what it's worth! Also it had a new decent battery on last week.

Today I gave it a full service and check. From cold it turns over very slow, but fires. It improves the warmer it gets. I'm also experiencing a bit off smoke, a rich smell from the exhaust.
My limited knowledge on these engines says that they have pre and post warm up with the glow plugs. Just because the glow light doesn't illuminate (which unless its very cold, it won't) doesn't mean the glow plugs are not heating to some degree to help combustion.
So checked the glow plugs, 2 were ahowing between 1.5 to 2.5 omhs, the other two were open circuit. Does any one know what the book values are for these plugs? So changed two plugs out, open circuit ones and still slow to crank.

One last check I did, due to time constraints was to check feeds to the plugs. I get 12v to all four. However the 12v was still present after ignition off, is this normal?

I tried hooking up my scanner but got hardly any connection so couldn't test anything.

Hope some one could help, a wiring diagram would be helpful too! Wink

Many thanks in advance
Hello and welcome.
Regarding the slow cranking you need to first check the battery voltage whilst cranking and then test for voltage drops at each point along the starter circuit, more than one volt drop from the battery voltage will indicate an issue at or before the point of measure. Check also for voltage drops along the earth circuit as this is often forgotten.
Perhaps going before myself here ... check the battery terminals are tight and clean. Check the starter terminals are clean and tight. Simple stuff first.
Has this been developing slowly or did it come on quickly ?
2.0hdi here but I had to change my battery as soon as the temperature dropped a couple of weeks ago. I find when the heater light comes on it is better to wait till it goes out before turning the key to the start position. Probably not necessary but it does start quicker when I follow this procedure.
So where does this bit go then ?
That is the correct procedure. It puts less strain on everything especially when very cold if the preheat light goes out before you attempt to start.

Thank you all for your quick responses! Will do volt drop checks next, I expect a volt drop anyway as how much it seems to struggle to turn over.

Regarding pre heat, like I said it wasn't cold enough to illuminate the glow light, so even cycling the ignition to heat the plugs doesn't help.

Check all earth connections.Try a jump lead from eng block to -ve on batt.If that sorts it,the prob is earthing-or lack of.
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