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1.6HDi MPG
For those interested in fuel consumption (that will be most of us now it's nearly £7 a gallon!) just been from home to Forfar (and back!) today.
662 mile round trip.
Sat at 70 on way up, and 65 on way back (no rush...) as it is mostly motorway and dual carriageway.
Just worked the mpg out as accurately as possible.
Expected a touch more, but quite happy with that.:thumbsup:
That's not too bad,it's all uphill going.Seriously,I find 55mph will return 60mpg,but it's embarrasing watching the tortoises flying by.
Time or cash is the decision & long distance is a pain at slow speeds,& inconsiderate to others at times.
My 1.6 HDi averages 52 mpg overall with motorway speeds averaging 50mph.
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I'm still averaging about 57 mpg on my 1.6 HDi (Mk 2). That's over about 15,000 miles. (But then I very rarely hit 70 mph.)
After nearly 12K km am averaging 50.44. 95% city and 5% small roads in country. I burn only Shell V-Power diesel which goes for £5.64/gallon in these parts.
2010 Berlingo Multispace HDi 110 with FAP.  Persamos green.

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(17-03-2012, 07:56 AM)3rensho Wrote:  After nearly 12K km am averaging 50.44. 95% city and 5% small roads in country. I burn only Shell V-Power diesel which goes for £5.64/gallon in these parts.

There is a Shell garage near here selling 'ordinary' diesel for £1.53/ litre, which converts to £6.95 a gallon.
Not sure how much V-power is there, obviously more.
See how us Brits are ripped off on fuel prices....
My Berlingo gives 43MPG and thats taxi work, on a run down to Sunningdale it only averaged 42MPG at a constant 70MPH
Check this out.
According to the most expensive regular diesel within 10 miles of me is £153.9/litre or £6.99/gallon!
The cheapeast is £140.9/litre or £6.40/gallon.
The difference on a (60ltr) full tank is £7.80.

Anyone seen any cheaper/more expensive?

As a sideline....
The price of a gallon (petrol) when I was born (1966) was £0.65.
The price of a gallon when I passed my test (1985) was £1.99.
The good old days...
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fuel consumption would be substantially reduced if Citroen had fitted that 6th gear for motorway use. Confusedcratch:
2011 (61) Multispace XTR 110 in Kyanos Blue
I was getting 55-58 from my '07 First and 58 to 62 from my 10 plate L1
Both had the "same" 1.6HDi
The lower return in each case was when a service was due,the higher one was just afterwards.
Studying the spec sheet and then driving strictly for the maximum torque will return the best figure.Frustrates the guy behind though....
Watching the onboard running total suggests that roadspeed and revs have less to do with the yeild than the load on the engine -payload and terrain.

I once had a Yamaha IT175J enduro bike.
21mpg was the best I ever got from that:eek:

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