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1.6hdi timing belt change+small blue smoke
Hi folks, just a few words I hope may assist, and a small query...

56 plate with just under 110k so pretty much due for timing belt etc.

For a while it's been making an odd ticking noise when starting in cold temperatures. It sounded kinda metallic, but most people I got to have a listen attributed it to a dicky injector. Admittedly I have one of those, but a damn good tighten sorted that. 

So booked it in for timing belt, aux, tensioners, water pump, and crank pulley. 

Turns out the crank pulley was fairly well on its way, the part was about 50 quid which isn't what anyone wants to hear, but it seems it is designed to only make it about 100k before gradually turning to dust.

Now for the query...

On startup the thing sometimes blows out a nice wee cloud of blue smoke. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to it. Turbo is thankfully healthyand ruled out as possible culprit. I have noticed this engine likes to blow a fair amount of oil out the crankcase breather though which will I would guess pools in the bottom of the intercooler which I'll empty out at some point. 
Anyone got any ideas on that? Or is it another slightly shoddy piece of design I need to keep an eye on?

Did it blow out the blue smoke before the cam belt was replaced?
Yes - through last winter then went away for the warm weather and is now back again.
I suspect a glow plug has gone down - they are rarely used to assist starting but are activated to help with emissions when cold.
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Thanks Polar - I had no idea they were used to keep emissions in check.
Judging from the stacks of paperwork I got with this car I don't think the glow plugs have ever been changed, so will casually contemplate that at some point - I guess I'll weigh up how much it bothers me vs the risk of snapping a plug.

No worries, you are right about snapping a plug - make sure the engine is hot ideally with the cooling fans cutting in before you attempt the job this will help.
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