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1.9 non turbo speeds
I have a 06 1.9 diesel non turbo van. It is painfully slow on the motorway achieving speeds of up to about 70-75 with my foot down. The rev counter is at about 30 revs.
The temperature never seems to go really high sticking around 80-90. The engine is quite and it is not using oil.
I think the top speed for this van is 88mph I was just wondering what sort of speeds members were achieving. Also their driving style to get that speed.
I am not screwing the engine to achieve 70-75 mph. Most of the time someone pulls in front of me when I am getting a decent speed and I have to wait a week to achieve it again.

That sounds about right from the few 1.9 diesels i have driven, i seem to find they dont go very fast but would pull you along forever and a day at that speed without a problem.
When I'm in a vehicle with that sort of acceleration, I just pretend it's an artic.

Well, maybe not the biz of hogging two lanes for a tight corner, but cruising along happily and trying to control speed so the lights are always in my favour and the traffic gaps match my intentions.
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To add to these answers:

Yes the 1.9d is slow and steady... mine is happy at 70 but you aint overtaking nowt!!
You have to get used to it really.... because that's how they are.....

Happy Plodding!!
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All seems in order with your 1.9 D , I must own its twin ! There is certainly an advantage to planning ahead as Addo says 'cos acceleration isn't this vehicle's forte ! Accept its pace and bask in the glory of 45 mpg in your armchair :thumbsup:
Think i have much older worn out grandad to yours but those speeds are about right. What accelaration!
I just think to myself 'speed is for people who care what time it is'
It also helps to not ever wear a watch!
Once its wound up nothing wil slow it down. only hills, roundabouts, traffic lights, cyclists....... Ok it's a slow van, i get it. but I luv it!
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Really? Mine does an indicated 90 without much trouble provided it's not up hill with a load. It's quite easy to hit an indicated 80 whilst overtaking. I agree, though, that the acceleration is amusing to say the least. I do tend to stick to an indicated 70 though whilst I'm commuting simply to get reasonable fuel economy. I get about 45 - 47mpg on my normal commuting run dropping to 37-42 around town or when my wife is driving. It's done 123k miles and doesn't use any oil.

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You do have to rev it through the gears to get anywhere, which you don't with an hdi. The 1.9D is ok, probably longer lasting than the hdi & certainly cheaper to repair but I used to find mine slightly embarrassing on motorways in the middle lane at 70mph when it slowed down on hills. Also overtaking on fast single carriageway rds can be a bit dodgy because you ain't got the instant response of hdi.

I suppose some would say it dosen't have the pace to keep up with modern traffic but if anybody is after an older Berlingo it is probably best bet for reliability & least cost of repairs but the car does cost considerably more to tax than the 1.6hdi car.
All you can do is make sure all filters are clean,valve clearances,tyre press etc are OK & make sure the brakes are not binding.All you then need is an egg timer to measure the 0-60.
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A friend of mine who had an old Fiat 500 years ago, when asked about the performance figure replied " 0 to 60 ? if you're lucky". Our old Nissan Vanette was similar, you had to check headwind and consult the calendar before pulling onto a roundabout.
So where does this bit go then ?

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