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1.9D Fuel Filter change
I apologise if I'm just being thick, but I can't seem to work out how I remove the lid on the fuel filter case on my 2003 1.9D. I've removed the plastic band from around the top so I thought the lid would gently prise upwards, but I don't want to insert a screwdriver into the wrong place and do damage.

Any thoughts please?
Hi, it will be just stuck to the o ring inside, gentle persuasion should be all that it needs. :thumbsup:

[Image: 315ixxs.png]
2006 2.0hdi 600 with bench seat.  Cool
Ok, thanks. I'll give it another go then.
There are actually some tabs that make removing this lid difficult.

You can see an example at round about 7 minutes.

Here's a  diagram that shows the tabs, two double front and back, and a single at the opposite end from the outlet. (See  for the full key - 36 is the bleed screw for draining the filter.) [Image: b1hp0y7d.gif]
Yep, came across that little bundle of fun on an earlier C4 of mine. I've always regarded that securing clamp ( pt No 46 in Richards post ), as a problem in the making. It's very easy to unclip the band and to push it away from yourself to remove it from the housing. What tends to happen is the clip then bends at a point close to to No 46 on the piccy as it doesn't "release" all at once. As soon as this happens, you've generated a weak spot and this - in my experience only I should say - then keeps flexing at this point every filter change until it eventually breaks. This will be of course, on a Bank Holiday, last thing before you put the car away for the day, or the day before a long journey. "Sod's law" in action I think !!

When I was an apprentice my mentor used to make me undertake a risk assessment and create a list off any pitfalls to avoid issues such as you mention with the clip, a ball ache to begin with but paid dividends over decades for me. Needless to say " my " apprentices " enjoyed " the same input too.

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