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1.9D getting hot easily on motorway/up hill
My 54 plate multi space had a new radiator a while ago as the old one was bulging. I believe it had new coolant too.

Even thought the old rad was knackered the temp gauge rarely went over just under 90. Even on a top speed drive to Andover from Surrey once it kept steady.

Since the new one was fitted it creeps up really easily if I'm going flat out on the motorway or uphill.

Any ideas? I fitted a new expansion tank cap which didn't make much difference.

Is it possible to measure the concentration of coolant as I know from experience that too strong a mix can cause problems.

2004 1.9D Multispace/Budget crew cab work van!
It may be the thermostat.Is the engine fan cutting in? Air lock? You can buy an antifreeze tester quite cheap.A 50/50 mix is as strong as you need,a very strong concentration will affect the running temp.Confusedalut:
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Cheers Ron. Funny you mention the stat as it seemed to be taking longer to warm up but I thought I was imagining it.

Heater works fine so I don't think it's an air lock, might get it hot and pop the cover off the bleed valve though just to make sure
2004 1.9D Multispace/Budget crew cab work van!
I have a vivid imagination as well. If the t/stat is stuck partially open,it will cause a slow warm up as well as poss overheating.Confusedalut:
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That makes so much sense and never occurred to me. I thought it was either one or the other (Ran too hot or too cold)

Thank you
2004 1.9D Multispace/Budget crew cab work van!
Don't thank me,you're the one who will get dirty hands.:lol::thumbsup:
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Hello again Smile

I've finally had a chance to change the thermostat and coolant and unfortunately it's made no difference.

Shame as I really thought that would sort it.

Just wondered if you or anyone had any other ideas

Day to day driving and 60mph on the motorway are fine.

Hills and going over 70/foot flat to the floor type motorway driving and it gets well over 90 C before I bottle it and slow down.

Any help appreciated as it's got to tow 2 motorbikes to the Pyrenees next month.

What are the chances of a new radiator being faulty?
2004 1.9D Multispace/Budget crew cab work van!
The next job,in my unworthy opinion,would be to flush the cooling system.Has the rad any cool spots?If so,in view of your impending trip,I would replace it.Use a quality flush & obey the instructions.I have used Fernox central heating flush with good results but it will make weak rads leak.Confusedalut::thumbsupTongueS new rad faults tend to be leakage,not blockage.
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Cheers ron - cool spots is a good point - how hot should a rad get? I had to get the engine to the fan operating temperature and from memory the rad was hot, but not so hot I couldn't touch it. Excuse the scientific temperature measurement!

I didn't think to check the whole thing though, that's worth doing. Smile

I wondered if it was the wrong type but as petrols run hotter anyway they would need a more efficient rad at a guess....

This problem literally started after the new rad was fitted so I'm 99% sure it's not a blockage, damn thing has had 4 coolant changes in 3 years so far! (When I got it, then with a cambelt change, then the new rad, and today!)
2004 1.9D Multispace/Budget crew cab work van!
As a last thought,is the temp guage faulty or are you worrying uneccessarily?Run it on the road until it's hot,stop & watch the expansion bottle for bubbling.If the fan cuts in before bubbling starts,you can stop taking the tranquilisers.Guages is a far too important description for what are really quit crude indicators.:thumbsup:
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