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1.9D intermittent problems running rough / cutting out
I have an 02 plate 1.9D on 52000 miles

It's difficult to start from cold, it will crank and fire no problem however after a few seconds will cut out. This will happen for 2-3 minutes until running correctly and once warm it drives well. Once warm it starts no problem at all

It intermittently cuts out at junctions and roundabouts, however not very often. Then starts fine again. It had a new battery last week as it needed one anyway.

It sounds really rough at times before running ok again, am I correct in saying it sounds like there is air in the fuel system?! I've checked for the primer near the cambelt cover however there isn't one fitted. Where is the fuel filter fitted?

And can anyone shed any light onto this problem?
May be fuel filter or an air leak around the filter body. Have the valve clearances checked too!
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My 1.9D as doing the same, and it got progressively worse until it couldn't get above thirty thousand rpm. Had to a diesel Injection specialist and discovered the catalytic converter was blocked, and a slight leak on the head gasket. Put a new cat on, gave it a service and put a bottle of K Seal in the radiator expansion bottle and it sorted it out.
This is a difficult one to diagnose... intermittent fun!

The fuel filter housing is under the engine cover, is a black oval shape.
It has a push button primer alongside it (not a bulb)
Push this button and it must get quite hard after several pumps.
If not then you probably have a leak somewhere.....

When was the fuel filter changed?
Valve clearances tight or a blocked cat are possibilities...
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