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1.9d Difficult start + temp guge not working
Hi All, Just got a 2000 Berlingo 1.9d (DW8) which has a couple of issues. Firstly the temperature gauge doesn't work at all, secondly the car is very hard to start when cold. The glowplug light comes on for a short while. I have ordered a new set of glowplugs, (waiting for them!), I also have a new glowplug control unit ready to fit if necessary. However my Hanes book says that the glowplug function is controlled by coolant temperature as well. QUESTION: which of the two senders in the thermostat housing is the one that does this? There is a "blue" one with 4 wires and a green one with 2 wires. The car has A/C.
Is it likely that the sender could cause both problems, (non functioning gauge and poor cold starting?
Thanks in advance for any info.
I can't advise on the temp issue but as to the bad starting.If it has done over 100,000m check the valve clearances as they can tighten up,lowering the compression,making for bad starting.If warm starting is better then it's probably the valves.:thumbsup:Confusedalut:
Strawberry flavoured windows  Dodgy
If the engine is warm then it doesn't need the glow plugs. A Low temp. reading from the sensor tells the glow plug relay to come on for pre heating and post heating. The newer models don't need glow plugs to come on unless the temp is down to about zero.
From memory which might not be 100 % accurate it will be the sensor with the four wires, seeing you have AC which also has links to temp, the other sensor works the cooling fan on/off.
Thanks Brodfather, The Starting issue is solved....New Glowplugs!
However I could do with confirmation On the Temp guage issue. The 4 wire blue sender is considerably dearer than the other, (brown, 2 wire), one. Does anyone know for sure which of the two it is for the temp guage?
its the blue one. 100 per cent sure as ive just changed mine

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