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12V fridge?
I know a few of you chaps on the forum go away camping in your Berlingo's so hopefully someone will be able to offer advice...

I'm planning a camping trip and would like to take a fridge of some sort with me to store beers and the occasional bit of food:lol:

What is the best way to connect the fridge up to the car? or what is the simplest way?

What fridges are people using? I don't need a massive fridge, just enough to store the essentials...


6pack and a pack of hot-dogs? ;-)

I use a small electric 'cooler bag' that just plugs into the 12V outlet.
It fulfills my two main requirements; top loading and to fit between the back seat and the back of the front passenger seat.

Anything bigger than the electric cooler bag, and you should probably start looking at an extra battery. Fridges with front-loading doors are particularly power-thirsty.
I use a Coleman extreme coolbox, they are blue with a white lid. They don't use power they are just a well insulated box with a drain plug in the bottom. You buy a bag of ice cubes from the supermarket, slit it and drop them in. It will then remain ice cold for the weekend or longer if the weather is cooler. Only thing is the stuff inside gets a bit wet, oh and they arn't cheap.
I'll have a look online for a pic

Here they are on Amazon. Brilliant reviews :-)
I was thinking of getting a small fridge for mine for when I go biking at weekends to keep my drinks cool but I thought my van may decide to put itself in 'eco-mod' & the fridge would be useless* so have decided on a cool-box/bag. There's loads of options on ebay for these.
*Or is the cig lighter not affected by eco-mode?
I think a coolboc/coolbag would suit my needs, I wasn't planning on keeping it plugged in whilst the car was stood/turned off, like you say I think the eco-mode would cut in anyway, and in any case I wouldn't want to drain the battery! Quite happy to keep it plugged in when driving, or start the engine every now and then whilst camping just to keep things cool.

Good idea about the ice cubes though, I'd not thought of that.

I'll be campi in the north/west of Scotland, so planning on a couple of days in the wilderness, then maybe a night on a "proper" campsite with showers/electricity etc, before heading out for another day or two of "wild" camping.
Instead of ice cubes I always use a couple of those plastic icepack things in my camping fridge - like you use for a coolbox. Just makes it all a bit more efficient. And a bit drier.

Here's a link to them on ebay:-
(21-07-2013, 07:00 PM)Bigbootbill Wrote:  Instead of ice cubes I always use a couple of those plastic icepack things in my camping fridge - like you use for a coolbox. Just makes it all a bit more efficient. And a bit drier.

Here's a link to them on ebay:-
Worth mentioning in my local Asda (maybe others aswell) these cool pack/ice pack blue things are 2 for a £1 at the moment I just picked a pack up for when I get my cool-bag. Much cheaper than ebay :thumbsup:
I've got a 12v (also 230v) fridge I use on shopping trips. Use the rear 12v socket. It keeps the contents 20C under ambient (but no lower than 5C) and will hold six two liter pet bottles of fizzy stuff. It will also heat if desired and hold a constant 65C. Great for transporting a hot quiche, pulled pork, ribs, etc. to parties.
2010 Berlingo Multispace HDi 110 with FAP.  Persamos green.

[Image: ab197646.gif]
I use a 3 way fridge and run it off a small gas bottle.

I have tried using electric cool boxes and running them whilst out and about, but they don't seem to stay cool very long once turned off. I presume because once the fan isn't running warm air soon gets inside, so they seem less effective than a standard cool box with ice packs unless you run it all the time. Obviously, without a leisure battery set up, you can't.

The gas fridge are VERY effective. I have to turn mine down as it starts to freeze things if I leave it on full. A little more to drag along, but there's no faffing about. Just get it running and enjoy ice cold beers!!
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Our trailer tent has a Dometic fridge, used to be Hotpoint and it runs on 12v, 240v or gas and on gas you have to switch it off overnight or it freezes stuff.
So where does this bit go then ?

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