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2002 Multispace forte HHEEELLPPP!!
Hi Everyone!

So I have bought a Berlingo for the measly sum of £300!!

There are a few bits not working (obviously) but I am pretty handy at sorting stuff out and have the time to do so, and hopefully a few of these problems might just be fixable with a bit of tlc

The seat mechanism to flip up the two seat bench has broken and the middle catch has jammed, I cannot manually pull the cord to unhinge it! any ideas how to remove the seat so the issue can be sorted?

The interior lights do not come on when the doors open?

The central locking has been disabled/not working...previous owner had a receipt for work fixing it back in 2008. I haven't even so much as checked the remote battery yet, but any not so common ailments Berlingo specific I can at least look out for?

The handbrake will not go all the way down (off) and stops 3 / 4 of the way ( seems to function fine but there is something not right )

Sometimes when pulling away, mostly from standstill there is a sound like a spring boing sounds from the back ish....I am guessing it could be the spare tyre holder / handbrake / possibly even suspension, anyone else experienced this? the time I end more journeys I am usually half deaf due to the squeeks, rattles, creaks and whistles made from exterior trim, parcel shelf, boot, windows etc
 Apart from going round with mastic whilst someone drives the car is there any obvious Berlingo specific lol places that often cause these issues.

It long time has passed since driving a car with the same amount of character as a Berlingo, and for all its troubles it drives lovely and I changed the front pads today with cheap basic tools in 30 mins flat, being only the third time / second successful attempt at doing so!

Thanks to everyone in advance, any tips, advice's, pointers, sarcasm or ridicule will be much appreciated...

Please add why you Belingo??
Mine has some of those foibles! Only I paid the princely sum of £500 for mine...

Interior lights don't work on mine, door switches have been disconnected too so going to investigate wiring- check diagram someone kindly posted on one of my other threads.

Also retaining cable on rear seat had snapped- I used a long screwdriver to lever back the hook to lift seat and investigate that.

Mine doesn't even have central locking, let alone a remote, so I've got a kit from eBay I'm planning to fit this weekend.

Good luck! Any pix?
The 'bong' from the rear is possibly the break load valve spring situated on the read axle. Have a look at the threads on here and you will find advice about this.

Brake not break, well it was late Smile

2012 Iron Grey XTR 110 with lots of bits and bobs.
Just to mention, most of the faults you described a common problems for the Berlingo. The reason probably the car was sold for cheap.
Yea i had the same spring boing on mine ,drove me mad looking for it,its the load compensating valve on the rear axle which gets stiff.Its a little awkward to get at but its on the offside and above the axle and can be just seen if you look through the gap to the front of the rear wheel.What youll be looking for is a spring which connects to a lever which in turn connects to the valve itself.All you have to do is keep it well greased as the actuating arm / lever tends to seize.
(11-09-2015, 08:33 PM)Luke Titus Wrote:  1/  ..............   a sound like a spring boing sounds from the back ish....

2/ the time I end more journeys I am usually half deaf due to the squeeks, rattles, creaks and whistles made from exterior trim, parcel shelf, boot, windows etc

  1/  My last Citroen did this from new ....

  2/  Get a van for less sqeeks and rattles  Angel    

 Sounds like you did well for your £300 if that is all you have to contend with, happy Berlingoing to you Smile
The H/brake not returning can be either siezed cables or the levers on the shoes siezed.
Strawberry flavoured windows  Dodgy

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