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2003 Berlingo van 2.0hdi. My first french experience...
Hi everyone. I got myself a berlingo van for work as well as a daily driving vehicle. My previous car was a bmw 323 e36 so you can imagine just how slow it is for me. Comfort...hmm is there any at all? Big Grin

Well here it is Big Grin

[Image: uwnm.jpg]

thats my old baby:

[Image: tndt.jpg]
[Image: ixxu.jpg]

But lets go back to the van now Big Grin I get very emotional about my bmw. Its a shame that I had to sell it to buy a van.

Details of my berlingo:

engine: dw10td (siemens controlled Sad )
Filthy interior (previous owner was a plasterer)
Over 180k miles on clock. I know its a lot but.. there is nothing that cant be fixed after all.

there was one when I bought it it had no charging. I was starting to get worried that it could be a fault in the bsi but happily it was just a faulty regulator in the alternator so replaced it and problem solved Big Grin


Im a mechanic but Im still in college getting qualifications as a panel beater and spray painter so to make my living I clean windows and this is just what I need my van for but...

there is nothing worse than a boring van so some changes are coming Big Grin

-trip computer (done, but still need to ad the outside temp sensor)

-cruise control (half way there. Ordered lexia 3 to enable cruise control and the only thing Ill need now is the stalk to control it.

-factory mp3 player- I want to get the factory mp3 player from the newer model of pug/citroen. I know that it will have to be programmed via lexia. I dont want to go aftermarket as I would like to keep the controller under the steering wheel. Im only not sure if the plug will be the same. I know that the standard cd player is plug and play but who uses standard audio discs this days. As soon as I find a factory mp3 player on my local scrap yard Ill defo make this all clear for everyone.

- need some proper seats as the height this seats are positioned at is way to high and it feels almost like seating in a bus lol. Already looked at some seats on a scrappy and from what it looks like any peugeot/citroen seats will fit. All that needs done is drilling some holes in the berlingo runners and bolt them on to the new seats.

-wheels- Im thinking of 16inch steels wheels painted silver. Or 406 alloys. Cant make my mind up yet.

-suspension- Im going to lower it a little bit just to improve the handling and keep it practical at the same time.

-intercooler!!!!- Im already in process to figure it all out. I pulled an intercooler with all the piping of a xsara 110. All except the downpipe. Its too much hassle swapping the downpipes so Im planing on using the original one and route all the pipes over the top of the gearbox. Obviously the radiator will have to be moved over to the other side to fit the intercooler in the same place as it is in all 2.0 hdi 110. I could fit the intercooler at the other side of the engine bay without repositioning radiator but this would increase the turbo lag as the pipes would have to be longer so the air would have longer distance to travel. Ill let you all know how it goes Big Grin

-Boost gauge and manual boost controller- as soon as the interooler is fitted the boost will drop so it will have to be increased back to the original value. To do that Ill need the boost gauge and the mbc.

-(temporary) tuning box- Once the intercooler is there and the turbo is providing the correct boost Ill install the tuning box (tdi-tuning box) that I bought second hand for cheap on ebay.

-clutch!!!- you mother father... Well probably a xud clutch conversion to work with increased torque.

-siemens to bosch conversion- well this will be the tricky part as it involves replacing a lot of parts: bosch edc15c2 ecu with bsi and key transponder(have it already), bosch high pressure pump, bosch injectors, bosch fuel rail and probably the main pump in the tank.
And obviously once I have it converted to bosch I can have it properly remapped.

Ill probably come up with more things but this is all I can think of just now.

Ill soon get some pictures and will keep you updated with all the work.

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  • Evolve
Good luck with your project.I'm amazed you have time to post here but glad you did.Keep us posted on progress,it'l be interesting.I must say my '57 seats are very comfy on long trips.:thumbsup:
Strawberry flavoured windows  Dodgy
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  • RolyG
An interesting thread in the making and one I'll have to keep watching. Nice to see someone with a bit of interest.
You forgot to add colour coded bumpers, led washer jets and go faster stripes :thumbsup:
Somedays you're the pigeon, Somedays you're the statue.
(25-01-2014, 06:19 AM)steve valentine Wrote:  You forgot to add colour coded bumpers, led washer jets and go faster stripes :thumbsup:

Thanks for your input but thats not my style.
But it is Steve's style.:whistle::whistle:
Strawberry flavoured windows  Dodgy
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  • addo
Is it Steve who's got the lowered Zimmer?
I'll be keeping my eye on this, interesting plans
(25-01-2014, 11:26 PM)addo Wrote:  Is it Steve who's got the lowered Zimmer?

And the go faster stripes :woop:
Somedays you're the pigeon, Somedays you're the statue.
Here are some of the bits i gathered so far.
Electronics for my siemens to bosch conversion:
[Image: lluv.jpg]

Cruise control stalk. Now I just need to wait for the lexia to arive so I can enable it in the bsi.
[Image: 6jkr.jpg]

And the intercooler with some of the piping.
[Image: q64e.jpg]
Im not getting the fmic as its too much work to modify the bumper so Ill go for the standard intercooler out of a 110 xsara.

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