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2004 1.9 pulley alignment ?
Hi to all,im trying to do the cambelt on a 2004 1.9 berlingo,could someone please help me as i need to align all the pulleys agian and has me quiet stumped,many thanks in adavnce?
    I take it that you've stripped it all out and now trying to get the new cambelt back on?. Have the pulley/shafts been moved , or did you not set it up before stripping?.    
 First thing to do is get the crankshaft into position , the setting hole is behind the starter motor, if it is far out you will possible need to move the camshaft before it can be set. Any resistance while moving either may mean the pistons and valves are touching., be careful.

Then set the camshaft with the pin , after setting slacken off the three bolts holding the pulley to the camshaft , again be careful

Last is the fuel pump , (later models with common rail don't need setting .)  Find and pin the shaft and then slacken off the three bolts on the pulley. If you get the fuel pump wrong it wont damage the engine,  it just wont run.

 Get the belt on and release the belt tensioner and tighten all the pulley bolts, turn it over by hand/spanner  at least twice and check the pin holes line up. If not slacken off the pulley bolts and fit the pins in and tighten the bolts again and turn over twice again

  Good luck.
Many thanks for the advice?

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