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2005 2.0 HDI BSI playing up.
After a long motorway run in the torrential rain, things have gone funny. Firstly the windscreen wipers wouldn't turn off, and then started operating randomly. Next the remote locking became temperamental. The dash warning lights started flashing, the fuel light and the STOP light are blinking, and the odometer wasn't displaying correctly. I removed the BSI and found it was wet. Dried it thoroughly and replaced, and followed the reset instructions, but no joy. Now whenever it wakes up, the front headlights come on, the dash lights come on, loads of warning lights, the odometer shows lines instead of numbers. I have left the battery disconnected over night and will try a reset again in the morning, but what are my chances? Nothing looks corroded.

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Connect Lexia and check faults.
No joy overnight. Another problem is I am currently about 200 miles from home, and only have a Bluetooth obd reader with me, and my phone. It connects to the ecu with no problems, and gives no faults recorded, but I don't think it cam read the BSI.
I've fixed it. The problem was, I had fitted led sidelight bulbs, swapped em out for bog standard, all fixed!
Well done for sorting it al, it's amazing how a small thing can cause havoc with the electrics on this car. I would suggest that when you know your BSI is really dry you try to find a way to waterproof it, just in case..

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Spray it with fogging oil
And clear the windscreen scuttle out as it sounds like the drain holes are blocked and water is building up.
Are we there yet????? No we fecking ain`t  gggggrrrrrrr
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Good to see you've got it sorted Smile were the led's non canbus you never think a led bulb would do that  Huh
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The leds were made by Ring, from Halfords. They worked fine until the BSI got wet. I think when the system is reset it wasn't seeing the right current draw from them. Im still having some little niggles, but she drives, so I can get home. Im going to get hold of a lexis and see what problems I might be having
Now I'm home and can have a proper look, I still have some fairly inconvenient faults. My front wipers do not work, although the rear and washer jets do. I have tried to reset the comm 2000 with no success. Fuse is fine. The handbrake light on the dash is not working, and occasionally the airbag warning lights, including the 1 with a "2" next to it are on. Does anybody know which plugs on the BSI come from the comm 2000 and go to the wipers?

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