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2006 1.6hdi wont start but turns over
I've had my berlingo 1.6hdi it has 119k on the clock for 2 years and its been serviced at all it correct times and I have changed the timing belt last April. A week on Saturday it refused to start after been left for 6 hours it was running fine before that. It turned over but wouldn't start, after my 3rd try it seemed that my battery was dying so I got a mate to jump start with leads. After 5 mins charging I tried again, it did start got to 1000revs then died again and then refused to start I noticed my head lights flashing on and the dials moving strangely and it was "bonging" inside. So we tried to push start it and again it did fire up but again got to 1000revs and died. It was took to a garage were the guys did a code read and it came up EGR valve and glow plugs which, the EGR was cleaned and glow plugs changed. This cleared all codes and it was put back together the guys charged the battery and it still refuse to start but still turned over but again the battery died after a few attempts so the lads tried to push start it and it wont start. The garage have checked the fuel pump and diesel is getting through, he told me it could be the starter motor as it doesn't rock when left in gear, so he's going to remove this to see if this improves the "rocking" if it does change the starter motor. But he told me it could be a big problem in the engine. Just need some ideas its costing me a fortune now and need the car back.
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I'm not sure what the problem is, but it seems to me that your mechanic is playing parts bingo, at your expense. Is there anyone else you can take it to for a second opinion?
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Has the battery been load tested if you aint got good stable battery it can play tricks with the electrics. Is the scuttle blocked and water has got down into the fuse box and especially the bsi. Have a look down to the right of the steering wheel and take the cover off to look at the BSI.
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I'd be inclined to try a known good battery on it before changing anything else. Dodgy batteries can cause all sorts of problems on modern vehicles.

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Can't see how it could be the starter. It started and cut out and it turns the engine over.

I must be missing something here, why would the starter rock when in gear?
"I must be missing something here, why would the starter rock when in gear?"

I must be missing something too, What would it prove if it did or didn't rock in gear.?

To me it sounds as if the earths /battery feeds are playing up
A dousing of ether spray is one test. Does it cough and nearly start on ether, or does it catch and run?
The starter is fused on a mk111, so either it does turn over or doesn't ????
Multiple attempt at cranking can cause this fuse to blow, hence confusing many mechanics.
As Addo suggested, get it cranking over, and then try a squirt of spray into the inlet, if it runs on this, then major engine issues can be ruled out.
Personally I would get it to someone who knows what they are doing, Lexia or Diagbox is essential to see what is happening in real time , rather than playing "parts darts" with your money.
My money is on the battery or earth strap

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Any update on this one?

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