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2015 L2 Enterprise eco issues.
Just taken delivery of my new van at beginning of April and a few issues are becoming apparent.

The most major of which is that the brake pedal has developed an intermittent noise when released quickly. Like banging an aluminium sheet with a ball peen hammer gently.
Just had it in to citroen and they say they're aware of the issue on 2015 vehicles but that it's nothing to worry about. Though it is annoying if you don't have the radio on.
They claim it's because of the left to right conversion of the basic platform, which sounds like a fob off to me!! Confused

Second issue it the sat nav. We all know the traffic master system is archaic even in it's latest guise.
However, on my previous Berlingo van, the sat nav had a mobile number allocated to it, which meant you could ring the van and answer calls through the sat nav touch screen, giving the driver a handsfree kit.
On going to the traffic master web site and logging in for the new vehicle, there on the screen is the number for the new vehicle.
I sat in the vehicle and rang the number from my phone...........nothing! not a lit up screen, ringing sound, nothing!

So I rang traffic master and the girl claimed there was no phone number. Despite me pointing out it's right there on the pc monitor screen.
Also there must be as you can talk to one of their assistants and ask them to tailor a route for you via their consierge service.
To which she replied, there is but it's not really of good enough quality to use as a handsfree system!
But this is the system they deem good enough to contact them!!! So I've emailed them twice with my issue and 16 days later, so far, no reply!!!!!!

Also despite ordering the same model I had previously (though different length,engine, power etc) it was supposed to be same spec. I have lost the vanity mirrors from the sunvisors, heated wing mirrors, the rear door pocket on the 1/3 door and the very handy rear light/removable torch.
How can they call it the same spec?
Now you've got me worried Scott! I've had an L2 LX model on order since November 2014!, 21 weeks waiting so far! I expected 8 weeks of waiting due to "Look pack" being fitted. I used the Traffic Master sat nav once in my current van, and found it so bad, that I took it out. Sorry I can't help you with the brake pedal noise.
Hi everybody

My son has recently purchased a new Berlingo van which I have to say is very nice ! He is very dissapointed however that the Bluetooth doesn't work as expected !

He is able to pair it with his iphone but when a call comes in the display only shows the number and not the callers name. He says 'how useless is that if I have to answer the call before I know who it is ?' I have to agree.

Is there anyone on this forum that can either confirm that this is the way it is or better still give me instructions to fix it so I can show off my technical knowledge !

He bought the van from a lease company Vanarama - I think he pays x amount per month for 3 years then the balance to own it - I'm not sure but anyhow his contact who couldn't have been more helpful now doesn't want to know - typical salesman !  

Please help - his moaning is driving me mad ?

Frankie x
Hi Scott, I too have the brake noise on my 2015 model Berlingo Multispace XTR. I got mine in December 2014, and it has made the noise from day 1. Citroen are aware of the noise, but have no solution yet. I too was told that it was a conversion issue, and they would contact me once a fix had been found!
2014 Berlingo Multispace 1.6 e-Hdi XTR ETG6
(15-05-2015, 08:39 AM)jayjay2cv Wrote:  Hi Scott, I too have the brake noise on my 2015 model Berlingo Multispace XTR. I got mine in December 2014, and it has made the noise from day 1. Citroen are aware of the noise, but have no solution yet. I too was told that it was a conversion issue, and they would contact me once a fix had been found!

Has anyone else got this problem? I'm hoping to buy a new or nearly new Multispace XTR very soon and this has got me worried now! Also, if it's due to the left/right conversion why hasn't it been a problem ever since this model came out???
I've got my new Berlingo van now, and yes, I too, get a small metallic noise when releasing the brake pedal, which I didn't get on my previous identical van. Now that I know that it just one of the idiosyncrasies of the latest van, I'm happy to live with it, as the noise is fairly faint, and nothing at all, when compared to the tyre noise which is horrendous! I've always had Michelin Energy Savers, but these latest ones take the biscuit for noise.... can't wait to change them for something quieter running.
I was just thinking the factory Michelin Energy Savers on my Multispace get a bit roary without the back seat in, so I can't imagine worse. I was going to try and get some super-quiet ones when they wear out.

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