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63 plate chiller van
hi all, I'm Charlie from Felixstowe, I have a 2013 (63 plate) enterprise

pictures to follow, after 2 transit connects and a doblo, we thought we'd try the 'lingo, it's been in service 4 days where I've covered 1200 enjoyable miles and now it's all sign written with ATL I'm a happy driver Tongue

63 plate Berlingo working hard.....
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Hi Charlie welcome to the forum.
Are we there yet????? No we fecking ain`t  gggggrrrrrrr
Ex 1.6hdi van now 3 seater 1.4 multispace
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Welcome,Charlie.I hope you enjoy the Berlingo & forum.:thumbsup:
Strawberry flavoured windows  Dodgy
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Thank you guys, so far so good, I'm on 2200 miles, 1800 of that is me since last Wednesday afternoon, the rest was delivery mileage from Manchester to Suffolk and signwriting mileage, so 1 week into Berlingo life and all is well Smile and it seems quicker than our 90ps connect that is only an empty van, and worlds away from the 75 chillervan I've just put 99,000 miles in 2 years.
I will update with pictures very soon, just no signal to upload to photobucket at the lab

63 plate Berlingo working hard.....
heres some pictures at last.

[Image: 6ECD4969-806F-4843-B7C5-442BC867038C_zps3ubhh3ga.jpg]

and last night signwritten
[Image: 20ACCB15-793D-4B58-9F27-BA1B848DB330_zpstspkjwbi.jpg]

she's on 5000 miles now, really racking them up Smile
63 plate Berlingo working hard.....
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just a quick picture of the Berlingo in the fleet, very much my favourite van, and I haven't touched a transit connect since taking delivery Smile
[Image: B42809DF-A501-4557-AB8F-8BE49AE0DF64_zpscrxntcd8.jpg]
63 plate Berlingo working hard.....
well, I thought I'd give you a little tour of our Berlingo and the weight it drags around with it
the chiller conversion, nice and spotless inside
[Image: DFE353F7-7B85-41C5-A054-F1941C1C83C1_zpsjvomraun.jpg]
The signwriting, look out for me and give me a wave...
[Image: 4F07B9EB-E53A-428C-AB3D-81A3EF9DF83C_zpsato1ccyw.jpg]
and poor thing gets dirty, this is after one day from his Friday wash (Monday)
[Image: 7601F45A-2D5A-408C-B378-57455936F431_zpsc7ubr3gm.jpg]

and for a laugh, named him Cliff
[Image: 160A7100-1AA1-4994-A6BA-721542D1CBC5_zps7sxogof6.jpg]
63 plate Berlingo working hard.....
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Really nice looking berlingo, I love the mk3 I currently have a mk2. Your fairly racking up the miles just out of interest what do you deliver?
I pick up for a lab, samples, ie food or water for micro or chemistry testing, I only drive around east Anglia, yet crack on with the mile munching

I like the mk3, my dad has a mk 2 56 plater,

need more torque, remaps like Bluefin available?

63 plate Berlingo working hard.....
Quantum Tuning can re-map for more torque! 25%+ should be possible.
The Older I get the Better I Was!  Cool
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