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A few issues: Wipers, pedals and steering wheel.
Hi, I have a few problems with my new '01 Multispace that I'd like some advice on.

My Mk1's windscreen wipers like to sit at half mast. they have the full range of motion and clear the screen well. There doesn't seem to be any looseness or play in the mechanism. But whenever the wipers come to rest, IE between intermittent strokes or when switched off, they move to the bottom of the windscreen as you'd expect and then move a few inches back up the windscreen: [Image: HhslEme.jpg]

Is there some kind of microswitch or position sensor that's up s*** creek or is this likely to be more complicated? I couldn't find anything with the forum search that sounded similar.

The accelerator pedal is really stiff and difficult to move smoothly. To me, that says that the linkage and/or cable needs lubricating. Assuming that the cable can be saved, what lubricant is recommended - engine oil?

The clutch is also a bit stiff and notchy, although to a lesser degree than the throttle. Again I'll have a go at lubing the cable.

The final (minor) annoyance is that the steering wheel sits pointing a few degrees clockwise when the wheels are pointing straight ahead. I know the tracking/alignment has been done in the past and I'd suspect that this was done with the steering wheel not centred, but is there a way to straighten the wheel without shelling out for another alignment? Maybe moving it one spline anticlockwise on the steering shaft? I'm prepared to live with it but if it can be sorted for pocket money I'd like to get it done.

EDIT: just thought of another question: before I pull out and bin the crappy aftermarket radio, will a modern headunit with ISO connectors plug straight in or is an adaptor needed?

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2001 (Mk1) Multispace Forte 1.9D
Both my 1998 and 1999 had ISO connectors for the stereo, but you have a model with BSI... so it's possible they have changed that. If so, maybe those who fitted the crappy aftermarket stereo also set up ISO connectors?

The Clutch cable may be a version with 'automatic adjuster', if so, don't unhook it!
Use any light oil to lubricate the cable, disconnect it engine side and hang it up whilst dribbling oil into it ( slow job ).
Also re route the cable in the engine bay to provide the best path with the least tight bends in the cable.

I've done the above and it helps, similarly with the clutch cable, well worth removing this one to lubricate. Mine was gunged up with road dirt etc so I used some petrol in an oil can to flush out the gunge - hang vertical and move the inner back and forth. Once done run some light oil into the cable. Mine had an auto adjust and I lubed this with moly grease and all is much better now. Oil the pedal pivot also.
If memory serves I also re routed the clutch cable a bit as well.

Sitting square to the pedals makes the clutch lighter and I moved my seat over and also moved the pedal in line with my leg, again better.

Cannot help with the other stuff.
Thanks for the replies Smile the radio went straight in and only needed the main and memory positive feeds swapping. I'll have a crack at doing the cables on the weekend. Ta Smile
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2001 (Mk1) Multispace Forte 1.9D
Roped in my father for some mechanical help today, and I'm pleased to report that a day's work under the bonnet has cured several of the Berlingo's many ailments.

The wipers were coming back up the screen after reaching the bottom simply because the arm that connects the motor to the wiper linkage was pressed onto the splined gearbox shaft wrong.

This is how it was:

[Image: OaP904X.jpg]
[Image: FU72FKA.jpg]

And this is how it should be:

[Image: pNhdeEc.jpg]

Put it all back together, testing as we went, and after i'd put the wiper arms back on, all of a sudden the motor just completely stopped responding to the wiper stalk... We pulled it all apart again, tested, prodded, poked, disassembled the gearbox, reassembled, checked fuses, relays... Almost gave up then decided to do a BSI reset. The front wiper motor immediately started working again, and even the long-dead rear wiper motor started showing feeble signs of life. (Pff, computers.)

I oiled and adjusted the throttle cable, and greased the clutch linkage. The pedals feel pretty good now, heavy, but much much smoother and actually usable.

We also found that part of the EGR valve had broken off, a vacuum line from the valve actuator had snapped off and as far as I can tell, the flap was flipping open and closed of it's own accord while the engine was running, causing some... interesting... power delivery.

[Image: 0VsqH1h.jpg]
[Image: JEbdbuF.jpg]

Also found that the valve body leading into the manifold was full of utterly disgusting oily grimy shite, is this normal?

[Image: Ud3cFKh.jpg]

I'll get around to removing/blocking off the EGR system entirely one day, but for now it's nice to have the engine responding to the pedal as you'd expect, lovely and smooth. Also, it's stopped clattering, sounds much more like a proper engine, and stopped spewing out smoke.

Not too bad for a day's work, oil and filter change tomorrow. Later a new cambelt and water pump, fuel and air filters, rollbar drop links, etc.
Strip thread and back off 1/4 turn.
2001 (Mk1) Multispace Forte 1.9D
Glad you got a lot of it sorted most of that oily muck come's from the EGR and the engine breather the sooner you block off the EGR off and vent to air the engine breathe the better
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