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A few minor questions
Hi, I have a 2008 1.6hdi berlingo. It was running lumpy and smoking from cold start and after a little research on here I came up with a solution. However, the other day I fitted my egr blanking plate and this has completely solved the problem. Does anyone know why this would be the case?

Secondly, I have a leaking rocker cover gasket. Does anyone or has anyone ever changed these? What is involved exactly?

EGR under certain conditions recirculate some of the exhaust gas back into the inlet for emission reasons (Reduction of NOx) So the EGR is only open when needed.
After time it can get jammed up with carbon deposits and therefore sticks open when not needed and causes poor running. EGR delete or blanking stops this process which is better for the engine but worse for emissions.

Some cars , Merc for example, are harder to defeat as they have a differential sensor across the EGR which measures the flow through it. If no flow, it throws up a fault and can put the car in limp mode.

Rocker gasket is fairly straight forward, however the rocker covers themselves sometimes get distorted so you may have to change that too. Make sure mating surfaces are spotless before re assemble (use brake parts cleaner) and torque cover to correct spec.

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