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A few problems
Hi Guys

I seem to have a few problems with my 1.9D Van.

Problem 1:
The radiator fan doesn't seem to come on as it should. It only comes on if I just sit there with high revs to take the temp up near the red, then it comes on. Is this normal?

Problem 2:
It seems I have the poor cold starting problem like alot of 1.9d's I see people have on this and many other forums.
After doing a bit of searching, one guy wrote that if you turn the ignition on and off for about 4 times, then turn it on to heat up the glow plugs, it will start first time. I did this and it worked. He said something about the fuel system losing pressure over night and doing this trick will cause the pressure to build back it.
My question is, what causes the pressure loss and cause the fuel to drain back into the tank?

Cheers for now

problem 1= yes
the fan should only come on when it needs to stop the engine overheating. If you are reving it up to the red then it should come on , I would worry if it did'nt

problem 2 .
Get your glow plugs checked. Dont think its a fuel pressure problem. when you turn on the ignition the glow plug light should come on to show that the glow plugs are heating, about ten seconds then go out but the plugs are still heating for another ten/fifteen secs.. The light can come on even though the glow plugs are not working. there are threads in the forum about this problem and how to check them
Faulty glow plugs cause bad starting and when it does start, clouds of smoke and missfiring until it starts firing on all cylinders
Thanks for the reply brodfather

I have had new glow plugs installed last week, with a new glowplug relay. All the new plugs were tested before they were installed. At the same time I had the valves checked and a compression test and all were spot on. Plus all the fuel lines were tested for leaks.

When the engine does start, there is no clouds of smoke or missfiring, it runs super smooth.

It seems to me, that after 90k miles, these 1.9d engines all seem to struggle to cold start
I have a 1.9d and have never had any problems starting. The glow plugs are original and she starts straight away with no misfire or smoke, 125,000 miles.
I would be inclined to check for a fuelling issue if you are confident that the glow plugs are operating. Have you put a meter on the glowplug circuit to check that they are operating? Try operating the fuel primer pump and check thete is resistance there. If it starts easily after then that will be an indicator!
1.9d Mk2 (M59/BE4/5) with battle scars from a conservatory attack. Previously owned a 1.4i Mk2 Forte.Confusedalut:
Thanks for the replies guys.

Anyway, starting problem solved. It was the bloody battery, not enought CCA!!! I changed the battery for a spankibg new one with 780 CCA. It now starts on the first crank in the mornings. Happy days

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