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Advice on selling price
Hi thinking of selling my 2003 (52) 2.0 hdi but unsure of what price to ask trade in have offered me about £1300 but that does seem a little low, it's done 107,000 about ave but been serviced every 6 months for the last 6 years iv'e had it, there is the odd small dent and scuff and i think the clutch is on it's way out as it's quite hard to push in when first starting the car but fine whilst driving, looking to buy another one just a bit newer. Any advice would be really helpful.
Without seeing it,it difficult to say.Try looking at Parkers Guide for a good idea of worth.
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£1300 is a very good price for a motor of that age with that mileage, it won't be worth much more private. It also might take months to sell privately.
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Have a butchers at autotrader , but remember a car is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it :eek:
That's not a bad trade in price going by your description I would have thought about 1800 private
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Thank you for the replies and advice, just trying to find another HDI a bit newer or keep mine and have the clutch done
£1300 is a fair price. The clutch will cost £500+ (and don't even think of using MrClutch unless you want to keep the car at their place for a long time while they try to figure out what they did that stops the car from working!) Even my trusty local garage who I always recommend want £647! :eek:
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Had my done when gearbox was replaced didnt realise it cost that much to have a clutch replace thought it was a simple job for a garage to do

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