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Airbox etc loose
Hi all,

My MK2 1.6 hdi has a very loose fitting air box and associated intake pipe etc. the whole thing just seems to move around and looking at the part which holds the intake pipe to the top of the engine it`s obviously worn out. Does anyone know if there is a kit of parts to remedy this or is it a whole new assembly?

Many thanks
Citroen only sell the whole bracket you cant get just the rubbers! Its not expensive just a pain you have to buy the whole bracket.

as for the rubbers in the intake pipe you have to buy the whole pipe, again you cant get the rubber mounting bush.
Not bought a packet of rubbers for years....
Berlingo Multispace 2.0HDI '54 reg Mediterranean Blue
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The air box is held on by a bracket at the back of the engine. The original one is plastic and the usual shitroen quality. I got a genuine part replacement off ebay which is now made of metal. If you leave the airbox rattling about it wears through the plastic top of the EGR valve. (1.6hdi)
Hi JohnM do you have an item number for the steel version you got off ebay?
Are we there yet????? No we fecking ain`t  gggggrrrrrrr
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Just been to my local (very helpful Citroen Dealer, Silverlink, Newcastle) and have the new metal bracket part number 1436s4 which I`ll fit today hopefully.

The cold air intake pipe which is in two parts are part numbers 143451 for the lower part and 1434c1 for the upper. These were out of stock.
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I use gaffer tape around the joints of the 3 parts of the air intake - keeps it solid and a lot less noise.

Can`t seem to figure how to remove the old bracket as one side is held in with a long bolt with an 8mm head and the othe (left hand as you look at it from above) is held in with a stud and a 10mm nut. The stud also holds the assembly below (the EGR heat exchanger) in place which stops the bracket from moving.... As the EGR heat exchanger has pipes fitted to it which aren`t flexible it looks to me that the only way to swap the bracket would be to remove all of the EGR heat exchanger pipe work which would also mean dropping the coolant.... Not the 15 minute job I imagined ! Unless anyone else can tell me different.

The original plastic bracket has lost its rubber grommet from the left hole and the right hole has disappeared as the bracket has been snapped at some point.
For those who haven't seen it before.
(Apologies to those who have.)

[Image: 303iwco.jpg]

[Image: 350tb90.jpg]
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Nice work but don`t want to modify anything away from standard, just fix the broken part.

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