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Another Citroen alternative
After the facelift, when they accept what the rest of the world's saying and get rid of the silly door panels, it should be a decent little car.
(02-05-2015, 12:50 PM)philip Wrote:  I have to think of this when I see the Cactus.

Just realised I'm old enough to remember those Matra Rancho's Dodgy
Quirky looking car for its time, just a pity they dissolved in water faster than an Alka Seltzer Big Grin
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  • philip
I looked at one a week ago at the local dealers. Amazed how small it was.

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08 Citroen Berlingo MkIII 1.6 hdi Vtr 90. It's gone. 'Twas a bad'un.

Yes I am an angry old fart.
(27-08-2015, 10:33 AM)DaveH Wrote:  Quirky looking car for its time, just a pity they dissolved in water faster than an Alka Seltzer Big Grin

Weren't all cars from the 1970s easily biodegradable?

Now, I'm probably going to get lynched for saying this but I think there is a definite resemblance between the Rancho and an XTR. I had forgotten about the Rancho but I'm sure there was some inspiration there for the Citroën designers.

I quite like the design of the Cactus although I haven't seen many in the "flesh" and even then they have all been moving so not had much time for a good look. I have to wonder about Citroën naming it Cactus which seems all wrong. A Cactus is, well, spiky and the car is rounded and "rubberised".  I would have thought something like Armadillo would have been more appropriate.
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Rancho was a nice looking car & practical load carrier so can be compared with Berlingo I suppose? It was intended to look like a poor man's Range Rover of the time. All cars from that era rusted. Some more badly than others. Loads of Cacti around in my corner of Essex. I like them but I need a bit more space.
Don't you think the Skoda Yeti look's a bit like the Rancho ??
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We looked at a Yeti before getting the Berlingo, thinking it might be similar. It's surprisingly small, especially in the boot - nothing like as useful as a Blingo.

I too used to really like the Matra Rancho - it was decades ahead of its time, and much better looking than the Range Rover of its time.

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