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Anyone got rear passenger interior lights?
The rear passenger area of my Multispace seems very dark.  Have interior lights ever been an option and/or has anyone fitted any lights in this area?

This is about to become my next project, so any info very gratefully received.  Hopefully there's a Citroen part - if not then I'll find something that will work.
Ah - I've just seen that the interior light is part of the glass roof option (that I don't have).

I'll have to find a creative way of adding one. I can wire from the rear light, just need to find a decent light or two - either for the centre or each side. The sliding door mechs might be a bit in the way though.
I fitted led strips in mine..there's a thread and pics on here somewhere.
Former 2011 Mk3 XTR owner Confusedalut:
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Oh yes - thanks...

It must have looked like Cash Cab from the outside with all the lights on. Did anyone ever get in and wait for the quiz show to start?

I don't have the side baskets you have - presumably they've been cost-reduced away, like the engine cover, so I might have to be a bit more creative. Will have a rummage, and find a good way of doing it. It's very dark back there.

Is this the thread you are on about
I was thinking about fitting something like this

I was then going to wire it in to the front light switch, so that when I turned the front light on to permanent on (ignition off), these would light up
I like that - I hadn't seen that one before.

I don't know how it could be mounted though.  Presumably you'd need to drill and tap into some of the metalwork behind the headlining (eeek).  You could use a standoff of some sort so it doesn't compress the headlining up when it's tightened, otherwise it would squash it all in.

I found a photo of what's underneath all the headlining.  It's handy when your car is also sold as a van version...

If the light unit isn't too heavy, It may be able to be attached to the trim itself, without it having to go through the trim in to metal

Something like this

[Image: fir-tree-trim-clip-8mm-hole-18mm-head-black-95-p.jpg]

If you can get your hand behind the trim, you may be able to get a larger piece of plastic or metal with a hole in it that the clip holds on to

That way, it wouldn't compress the trim too much and would look like was an original fitment
I was wondering whether those lights above could look too much like grab handles. One wobbly older relative could soon get rid of them.

I'm going to see if I can get something to build into the covers for the internal roof rack, which I'll never use. I'd be happy to butcher them, as they're replaceable if everything goes wrong. I'm going to try and find a standard light with a diffused lens that takes a bulb. Then put in an LED bulb. At least then I don't have to re-fit anything if the LED goes pop.
The light in the rear quarter drivers side headlining boot area in my vehicle ( xtr etg6 December 2014 ) seems to illuminate the car very well in my opinion. Unless it's shielded with passengers in the back, I don't know. 
I can appreciate for whatever reason people would prefer better lighting but is this rear light unit not fitted in all models ?
[Image: 24g96ie.jpg]

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