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Automatic with tiptronic paddles.... Or not....
Hi all

I'm on the lookout for a multi space and after considering various models have decided to go for the newest XTR model I can get for the money available. I've seen a few that look pretty sweet but noticed a particularly nice automatic with tiptronic paddles. Question is - what are the automatic berlingo like? Can you get them in the 100hp / 110hp engine models? Do the 90hp models give good fuel economy!? Vehicle to be used for ferrying kids, camping equipment, surfboards, MTB, pocket bikes etc and as a daily driver to and from the office!
I bought a new Multispace in May 2014 - a VTR with the eHDi90 auto system and so far it's still brilliant. Admittedly I've only done just under 6K, but I haven't even used the paddles yet as the auto works so well. And I'm getting around 60 mpg on average. I looked at the XTR but didn't like the tailgate window insert as it seemed like just something else to go wrong, and I don't like rooflights as they've always leaked on my other cars. Being an ole fart, I like to have 100% visibility through all the windows, and so didn't want the black tinted rear windows. When it goes in for the first service I'll get an engine cover, which they stopped fitting shortly before I got mine. The gear change control being on the dashboard means more space where the gear lever or T-shift would have been, though I admit it did take a few weeks to get used to it.  And rear parking sensors, which I've never had before, are very useful. I'm in Sussex, which has a few steep hills, but it just powers up them without missing a beat.
So good luck with your search Fingerbang !
I am quite sure that the 'automatic' is only fitted with the 90HP engine.

2012 Iron Grey XTR 110 with lots of bits and bobs.
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Cool - I'll keep the auto option on the table then! I've always been a VW enthusiast but recently sold up as I want something more economical, the low mpg coupled with constant requirement to replace / repair with expensive parts was the finisher. Already got a 2003 1.4 petrol berlingo that although won't win a beauty patent is miles better £1 for £1 so a nice shiney newer one is the way forward!
Hello Fingerbang  if your after a auto box make sure you take it for a long drive before you bye as the box is not too every one's taste ?  Smile
                                     Smile  It's too orangey for crow's It's just for me and my dog  Smile

                                                        Heart Heart Love a lot trust a few  Dodgy

A person called taxi on here can tell you a lot about the autobox he used his for a taxi.
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Brilliant stuff. Cheers!
Hi fingerbang

I have a 2014 XTR semi auto, with the 90bhp.

I got it new, and had quite a few issues with the car. The front suspension top mounts rattled like hell from new and took a few visits to get sorted.

I do love the car though and I am a convert to the auto for sure. It definitely needs you to adapt your driving style, the first week or two will be like learning to drive again! But it rewards smooth driving and once you get used to it it's great.

Pre June 2014 cars have the EGC box and after that they have ETG. I have never driven the former but they say the latter is better. It has a creep function like a traditional auto which improves things at low speed.

Hope you find something nice!

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*typo, meant EGS as the earlier gearbox not EGC, that's what Peugeot call it!

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Thanks for the replies! I've decided to keep on the lookout with a view to holding out until March comes round; hopefully they'll be some trade ins as the number plates change so might get me something even newer than first thought!

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