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Average service cost?
Ive only got one quote so far an nearly fainted £200 plus vat (include 2 tyres)
Is this reasonable, I know the garage so I doubt they would rip me off but I had about £90 in my head for some reason!
Difficult to say without knowing which tyres are going to be fitted. I had my last service and MOT done (March 2012) for £150 + VAT. But the last tyres I had fitted (£100 per pair) were complete rubbish, much better to pay a bit more and get some grip, especially in the wet.
Depending what was done on service, this doesn't sound a bad price to me.

Tyres probably best part of £50.00 per corner for a cheapy then prices increase with quality...

I've just done my own service including engine oil and filter, air filter and fuel filter, none genuine parts and that cost me c.£45 just for parts and oil from a local motor factor at discounted rates,own labour charged out at £0.00 per hour!!!. Manufacturers OE is probably double that price then factor in labour charges and you have probably done alright at that...
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Glasgow Citroen want £185 for a basic service before tyres or brakes.

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If I was quoted 200 quid for a service with 2 tyres I'd of booked it in.

Must be some dread full tyres though.
Depends entirely on the tyres they fit. I can recommend Falken as a small brand mid-price tyre.
I've used them for years and never had a problem.
£200 inclusive is reasonable though.
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There is no need to get your tyres from these guys , a bit of interweb sleuthing could pay dividends ! Knowledge is power after all lol .
You may find a local specialist outfit who may fit you continentals cheaper than you could buy nexens :eek:
Gotta be worth a punt :thumbsup:
£195.00 last week. Only went to dealer as it's in Warranty. I won't be going back to this dealer.

Van is going back this week for more work:

They'll also be fitting all the plastic fittings left in the footwell. Presumably from replacing pollen filter.... attrocious quality for the cost. Also, only took one wheel off (report said all but only one hub cap had finger marks). Nearly £7 for brake fluid and it didn't need topping up and has not had brakes bled. Told me it was ready and wasn't, had to wait when I arrived and another hour sir if you want it cleaned.. etc etc etc. Pants service and £12.00 per day for a courtesty car :censored:

Servicing wifes car again soon - filter C£5.00 (original), oil around £23 ish for Ineo stuff (bought bulk/special). All this at £0.00 per hour and lots of tea
Will never take my van to a garage for a service, theres no point at all. I do a better more though job too.

Regards the tyre quality, i bet they wern't quoting for Falken tyres more like a cheap china made one you never heard of.

Just ditched my 40 quid budgets yesterday for some contis and i cant believe how the handling of the van has improved.

It was good fun doing the burn outs to wear the old shitters out though.
Just paid £177 for basic 50k service at Citroen dealer in Reading

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