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B9 Quarter light exploding
I drove off from my parking slot in Morrisons car park this afternoon, and heard the noise of glass falling into the passenger footwell. The passenger side quarterlight of my new Berlingo had shattered. I got home and phoned my automotive glass repair man, who said that he'd been called out 2 other times locally in the past week to fix front door quarterlights on new Berlingos! His quote was £120 to fix it on my drive. I am worried that this might be a recurring (and expensive) manufacturing fault. I've never had this problem before!
Most insurances have glass insurance which covers this (other than the usual £75ish excess), doesn't affect your no claims bonus and most auto glass type places are registered to do the claim for you (and sometimes claim behind your back!).

Might be some sneak thief popping the glass out with a sucker?
Mar 2002 Berlingo Multispace Forte 1.9D 166,000 miles
Its under warranty take it back to Citroen and complain - glass should not just shatter - could be a poor finish on the door frame?

I have seen this before on other make vehicles.
It sounds like a defect to me, presumably relating to the latest spec only.

There's no way a window should just pop like that.
Sorry to worry you all. My glass repair man showed me the evidence that a tool had been used to break the glass, and they had bent the metal of the door frame as well. The scumbags had been unable to gain access to my van, as it has deadlocks which meant that the internal door release doesn't work without the key in the ignition! The repairs cost me £135 though. I think I caught the perpetrators on my dash cam as I parked up, and have given the Police a description of their Ford Ka with the registration number. They can be seen driving slowly across my "bows", while both of them are staring intently at me, while I was busy removing my sat nav from my windscreen. They probably thought I was putting it in the door pocket; when I actually put it in a pouch on my belt to take with me... as I always do!

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