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BSI Probs Still !!!!!
Hi folks,i will start from the beginning my Multispace wouldnt start nothing when you turn the key,thought it must be battery,went with a jump start fine,couple of hours later nothing again. Purchased new battery put it on went to work can home fine,next morn same problem.This is when i joined the forum and found out about the BSI unit and procedures you have to do to reset them. Followed them but still same problem but goes with a jump can any one please advise pulling last bit of hair out !!!! Many thanks Kenny .
Hi Lowrider,
As you can start with a jump I'm assuming the electrical connections & starter motor etc are ok. Assuming the battery is not defective, to me it sounds as if it's not being charged. If you have acces to a multimeter check the voltage w/out the engine running = about 12.5v. With engine running (Switch all auxillaries off) it should be about 14.5v. If not the alternater's not working.
The more technically minded will be along soon!
Ex 1.4 Berlingo Multispace

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