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Hi,all i have the bsi issue with my van its a 99 1.9d non turbo, non central locs no lecy windows its the basic model.I get buzzers bleeps clocks go mad rev counter stopped workin all the usual symptoms.The van still starts and runs good.I have read the forum til i am red in the face but cant find a definative answer.I have done all usual checks all earths bsi reset etc.I dont think mine has a ecu so can i just replace the bsi,not bothered about the miliage.cheers any help Pete.
Also while im at it i have a vibration problem around 50 mph it goes away after that,its only when accelerating,not through stearing more through gearbox but hole van shakes.might be a drive shaft but which one ,thanks anyone
The vibration seems to me to be an engine mounting issue. Drive shafts will show themselves in many other ways.
Usually .... in my experience of course.
I was experiencing the same vibration in my mk1 , same basic 600d model, it would judder between 55/60 mph, never bothered me... 2 years later, its un-drivable all my mounts are solid and as far as im aware its the clutch plates, its done 170k so its probably the original clutch.. But as Geoff says check/change the mounts first as there fairly cheap, before taking on the task of having a new clutch fitted if its needed.

Best of luck.
problem solved,vibration on acceleration turned out to be the nearside front wheel bearing shot.BSI was replaced with same type off a scrapper this cured all faults except rev counter doesn't work and mileage is stuck on 600k but i can live with that

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