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Berlingo 1.6 HDi issues.
Hello all, looking for a bit of advice if possible. I've got a 57 plate Berlingo (Van) 1.6 HDi. Bought it a couple of weeks ago, with the EML on, but drove fine and had no issues with me accelerating hard (and was a good bargaining point) was told it was down to a dudd glow plug by the seller, but once I'd got my diagnostics on it, the fault codes it threw up and a quick search on here pointed toward a fault air doser/throttle body, nothing to do with the glow plugs, replaced with a 2nd hand unit from a breakers, the butterfly valve in mine had no resistence. Replaced, and sure enough the EML went out, I also cleared the codes stored. However accelerating down a slip road to get on the M6 the other day (first proper run since replacing the throttle body) and the EML came back on and it went into limp mode, pulled over switched off and back on and although the EML stopped on it wasn't in limp mode. Got home checked the codes and it came up with P1351 (Glow plug) and P0121 (Throttle Position Sensor), it also had a stored code of P0234 Turbocharger overboost. I'm thinking it's another dudd air doser/throttle body, but I'm looking for some reassurance that my thinking is right that the fault code in relation to the Overboosting is down to a faulty TPS in the Throttle Body/Doser before I go into Citroen and order a brand new one at the Cost of around £165.00 trade :brickwall:

Or is there something else that could be causing this, turbo was replaced around £2k ago, along with all relevant feed pipes etc etc, suffered the usual fate of being starved of oil. Love the van, easily sorted the odd little issues it had when I got it, but this one is one I could do with sorting as I rely on it for my business, and it's a bit brown trouser if your trying to get up to speed to join traffic and it decides to cut the power!

Grateful of any help in this matter, the diagnostics I used wasn't Lexia, but Lexia is on order!!
I replaced the air doser/throttle body on mine (57 1.6HDi) when I had a few fault codes. The knackered one had a very stiff butterfly valve and the good one had little resistance. I first got an incorrect air doser/throttle body from another model of 1.6HDi and both replacements were the same with little resistance and both worked without registering any codes. Any chance you've got the valves mixed up?
Mine didn't go into limp home with the doser fault, I suspect that the over-boost issue is more likely to trigger limp home. I have a 1.9 VW diesel that has gone into limp home mode a few times due to over-boosting when I have caned it whilst towing uphill.
If you were doing a full re-heat launch along the slip road this may have triggered the over-boost.
With the over-boost issue it could be worth checking the manifold pressure sensor first, connectors etc. I'm not sure how the variable vanes are actuated on the turbo, they could be sticking and causing your boost problem.
Part numbers are exactly the same, now on a second one just incase, not got the TPS issue but have got the overboost issue still when under load (i.e 3rd gear, accelerating to overtake) No split hoses off the boost solenoid to the turbo, actuator moves freely too and can be seen moving when a few revs are put on.

Whereabouts is the manifold pressure sensor?

And thanks for the reply Smile
It is one of the two sensors on the doser body, so you may have swapped it when you changed the doser body. It is the one that has a stubby tube on the end that enters the body not the one with the electrical sensor that sits in the airflow.

I have attached the below link just to show what it looks like, it might not be the correct one for yours.
Right lexia eventully turned up, got it going on my laptop and gave me a more indepth description. P0234 is for the Turbo Electrovalve/Boost Solenoid/Vacuum Solenoid whatever you want to call it, my turbo was boosting at 34psi when the limit is around 27psi! Anyway a trip to the Peugeot dealer (as none of the Citroen dealers by me had them in). Fitted it, and voila no more overboost and she runs sweet as a nut.......until injector 4 decided to blow its seal yesterday, I'm beginning to think this little Berlingo don't like me!
Lucky seal! :eek:

More seriously, good to hear the Lexia correlated with your earlier findings, and identified the problem clearly. Some generic readers seem to throw up all sorts of phantom errors that have nowt to do with the actual cause; they're all "knock on" symptoms.

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