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Berlingo Car which one?
Well I have had my Berlingo Mk1 Van for several weeks now and to be honest I am really enjoying owning and driving it. I like its simplicity and economy, so much so that I am thinking about replacing our family car with a Berlingo Car. I have 3 kids 10, 9 and 6.
We currently have a 2001 Honda CR-V petrol which is a cracking car that both my wife and I really like but its just so blummin expensive to run. 20 to 25 mpg gets expensive quickly.
Now I am thinking what model to go for, I really like the idea of a 1.9D non turbo Mk1 Berlingo. I am not anti the HDi motors but I like the robust reliable reputation of the 1.8/1.9 diesel engine. I am not fussed about electric windows or a sunroof I just want a tidy cheap to run and look after jalopy. Only thing that it must have is power steering as my Mrs does not like driving my van that doesn't have it.
I would be interested what everyone would recommend, year model etc, what to look out for and what to avoid?

I have a budget of up to 2K it that helps to narrow things down.
Get a 1.6 16v n/a version and you will be happy. The problem with your CR-V is the Vtec Smile I know somebody that has one and it's really quick but the K24 engine is more for go rather than just crusing.
2.0 HDi is proven and rugged (not as tough as the 1.9) 1.6 HDi needs more careful servicing
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Our CR-V is a MK1, so not a V-tech it has the B20 engine which itself is rugged and tough as old nails, its just its a big heavy car and the gearing is quite low so it has a thirst.
That is interesting info about the HDi engines.
Hdi is better on fuel economy too.

1.9 non turbo would not be great on fuel , a 1.9 td would be more economical.
1.6 HDI just make sure it's been fully serviced she will serve you well :thumbsup:
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Well the game has moved on now, the Mrs isn't too keen on Berlingos full stop and now wants a Xsara Picasso. I quite like them so no problem really but we will definitely be having the HDi motor now, probably the 2.0 litre one.
Read up on the sill rust. It might sway your opinion.

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