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Berlingo Major Problems all in one morning Help required
Hi all my has Berlingo Major Problems Help required
All Started this morning 2003 berlingo would not start
Got jump from mate
First fault i noticed rev counter not working
Major oil leak from gear box dripping by flywheel area
Heater seems to work when van at revs but when not battery and handbrake light on
Major smoke coming from exhaust blueishhhh colour
And to top it of van will not turn off on key anymore until i had the jump start it worked superb

Do you think ive spiked ecu ???????

Oil leak im unsure but its drain all of it out but gear seem ok at the mo taken to garage very slowly one mile away and he says it needs to come out but never seen anything like this b4 ??????

Thanks in advance Lads
Which engine?

When you get it back, or whilst in the garage, remove battery and recharge it. When replacing it carry out the BSI reset procedure and see what faults remain.

Keep us posted
Hi dw8 engine ive reset bsi still not progress
It will start but running rough and smoking badly Getting gearbox dropped out tomorrow
Guess this has never been heard off any of the above faults lads
Put rev counter issue to one side.

Not turning off sounds like a solenoid problem, been raised on here before - try a search for it.

How many miles have you done since this started, smoke still the same? What has happened re the gearbox?
Taken Berlingo to my local garage gearbox seemed just fine and no clutch slip wot so ever

it was put on ramp and he took small flywheel cover off the oil appears to be coming from here so im hoping a seal has gone

Also noticed heater and wipers only work when van is moving so as i pulled into garage both these stopped

Smoke still the same jumped again yesterday and it was pooooooring out and running very lumpy smoke not as bad when warmed up tho

Coco i will do a search on the above

Chris at garage said he would looking into bsi fault

when the box is out

Before this all happened the only issue i had was poor starting when cold
Excessive blue smoke from exhaust usually means the engine is burning oil.
This could be a number of faults,and may explain the oil leak.
Not good news!
2010 XTR in black with bells and whistles

[Image: 5A50i.jpg]
As XTR says.

Oil may be entering combustion chamber from above - valves or guides. These do not suddenly wear, but the amount of smoke will increase gradually over time. May be from below if the crankcase is pressurising.

I would check, or ask garage to check, all breathers to make sure they are not blocked and make sure the timing has not slipped or jumped a notch on the belt.
Coco its never smoked before this I will ask garage to check timng Thanks its not being worked on till nxt week tho
Can a timng belt jump on a berlingo and ive covered 10k without using any oil and without any issues so im lost on the smoke that has just started lol

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