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Berlingo/Partner Speedometer
Hi Folks,
I know it's not a Berlingo, but the speedo on my 2001 M49 Partner combi hasn't worked since I bought it last month. The milometer and trip both work correctly though so I'm guessing that it's the actual speedometer that's at fault.
Now my local breakers yard hasn't got a Partner with an electronic speedo, but they have got a few 206's in there.
The plugs appear to be the same size from what I remember mine to be when I had the dash out (to do the heater matrix), so I was wondering if it's possible to either use the whole 206 instrument panel (I know the cowl is different to the partner one) or will the actual speedometer from the 206 dash fit/connect into my dash?

Thanks in advance
Forget the last bit about using the actual speedo (unless you know otherwise) as I can now see they're completely different.
But still wondering if the dash itself would work as a complete unit.
Isn't your Partner a 1.9 Diesel?
If so, why do you need a speedo? ;-)

Doing a quick search on The Bay of E reveals quite a few potential replacement parts...

Make certain to pick one with the right type of distance indicators.
Older ones are purely mechanical, while I believe newer is a LCD directly controlled by the BSI?
Lets try this again.

My van has got this style dash/instrument cluster as the moment (speedo doesn't work)


. . and I've picked one of these dashes up out of a 206.


Both have 2x connectors on the back and even though I haven't tried it as yet, the sockets on the back look the same as the ones on my dash, from what I can remember.
I know the 206 surround is a different shape to the one on mine, but am if the dash is compatible as far as connections are concerned, then I'll 'make it fit' as far as the surround is concerned Smile
Well, a Berlingo turned up in my local scrappy and it had the right dash in.
So, £5 and half hour later, I had a working speedo (quite a novelty after all this time). Only down side is, my mileage has gone up from 171,000 to 191,000 now. But, being a 2001 vehicle, I'm not overly bothered.
Also bought a new drivers side door mirror(complete unit) as the old one had been bodged together with some wire and lots of body filler. When I tried to fold it in one evening, there was a load crack and it just fell down danging on the wiring and adjuster cable. Looks tidy again now, well worth £23. Just gotta fit the coloured insert on the front of it.
Next job is change the thermostat, top up with antifreeze mix and then take a look at the drivers seat base. Feels like I've got a bucket seat in there at the moment (apart from the bars that dig into my a55 cheeks).
Nice to see you have some of it sorted Smile  How were the seat in the scrappy one no good  Exclamation
                                     Smile  It's too orangey for crow's It's just for me and my dog  Smile

                                                        Heart Heart Love a lot trust a few  Dodgy

Those mirrors are expensive new, so a great scoop!
(Been there, tried it, couldn't get it, had to buy a new one)
Jed, the van in the scrappy had no seats in at all unfortunately and the one that was there previously (that I had intended grabbing the passenger seat base out of and transferring the foam and support onto my drivers one) had also gone. Gonna pull the cover off tomorrow, hopefully, and see if I can do anything with the support mesh.

Gadgetman, I had already ordered a brand new mirror @ £23 delivered (which I didn't think was too bad personally), then saw the one on the van in the scrappy was really good. Typical!

Anyhow, means I've got a brand new one in the box still, which I can use if I ever need it, or sell on if I don't use it.
It's getting there now, slowly. Seeing as it's a DW8 engine, then slowly is right!! It's not bad, economy is very good, nearly 50 mpg, but could do with a bit more grunt for the hills.
Who knows, one day, the XUD9T (that's currently sat in my lock up) may end up in there. Just need to get a suitable gearbox to attach it to ;-)

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