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Berlingo and FIAMMA bike carriers

I would like to get confirmation that the T4 fiamma bike carrier will work with the Berlingo please.  In particular, I would like to get in touch with member PCH ( I will try to PM him after posting this message, but figured it might be a good idea to have this info publicly available for future use).  

I have done a lot of research into bike carriers for the berlingo.  I like PCH solution the best.  

I have read all fiamma bike carrier instalation instruction PDF files online, trying to figure out the common underlying principles of their system. 
1.  It seems that all their systems basically consist of two U shaped alluminum bars, that are bolted together to form one unit.  
2.  The major differences between each system are the top and bottom brackets that grasp the door.  They have text on them like T4 or OV (opel vivaro).  They are made to be the exact shape and curvature of the door.  They are also available to be bought as spare parts, albeit expensive.  So your goal would be to get the best matching brackets for your car.  
3.  Another difference is the width of the racks.  I am not sure why, but I think it has to do with where the hinges of the door are located.  The goal would probably be to have the brackets as close to the hinges as possible.
4.  The little feet that "sit" on the bumper actually need to be set to sit 2mm above the bumper.  This 2mm gap is mentioned in most installation instructions, but not all.  I think they are there to limit the amount of flex the fiamma rack can experience while driving.  
5.  I have concluded that the maximum weight allowed onto the fiamma bike rack is not limited by the rack structure itself, but rather by the rear springs of the back wheels of the car in question.   The easiest way to find out how much you can put onto the bike rack is to find out the maximum tongue weight of the trailer hitch for your car.  If you upgrade your rear springs or shock absorbers for the rear wheels on your car, you should be able to carry more bikes on the fiamma bike carrier.  You want to avoid having the nose of your car coming up too high, and thus reducing the effectiveness of the steering wheels.  At least, this is my conclusion.  I might be wrong of course!
6.  Maximum tongue weight for a Berlingo varies by year.  Now this part I am getting conflicting info from different sources.  I think that from 2008-2010, the maximum tongue weight is 55 Kg.  And from 2011 - 2015 it is 70 Kg.  Now I am not really 100% sure of when exactly this change happened.  But your goal would be to get the Berlingo with the 70 Kg maximum tongue weight, so you can carry 4 bikes.
7.  I might be a good idea to have two small chains (wrapped in garden hose) attached from the roofrack to the fiamma rack as extra safety measure.

My questions for member PCH:

1.  How did you figure out the VW t4 rack works on the Berlingo?  Did you try all FIAMMA racks?
2.  How often have you moved 4 bikes with it?  Is it really safe and secure?  Have you gone on dirt roads with 4 bikes on the back and nothing did come loose?
3.  I read on one of your posts that you cut of 12 inches from the top tubes.  Or did you mean 1.2 inches?  Either way, did you have to re-install the top brackets that clamp on to the door?
4.  Do you have a picture of the car with 4 bikes on the back?  
5.  Any pictures to share would be great!  Or videos!  Love pictures and videos!

I will probably have more questions later, but cannot think of any right now.

Has anybody else followed in PCH footsteps and installed a FIAMMA bike rack onto their berlingo?
I recall he already owned the T4 rack & adapted it to fit. As for 'tongue weight' as the yanks call it, or towbar download or even noseweight, weight limit was increased when rear chassis was changed which was around 2011. Towbar download max weight figure relates to strength of towbar mountings so has nothing really to do with weight on a tailgate mounted bike rack. On plate under bonnet you will find front & rear axle max weights, these must not be exceeded even if stronger springs or spring assisters are fitted to rear so whatever your combination of bikes on back, luggage in boot & passengers in rear seats, that max rear axle weight must not be exceeded. If you fitted a towbar mounted bike rack, then you would need to ensure towbar download weight was not exceeded.

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