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Berlingo buying advice?
Hi people,

This is my first thread on here and I don't even have a berlingo yet! Just want to say that the forum looks like it is very good indeed with some very knowledgeable people.

I have a few questions regarding the berlingo,

1. does the multi space have the same rear suspension as the van? if not what load can the multispace carry?
2. Could I get a mountain bike in the back of either standing upright?
3. does the multispace have cargo anchor points?
4. Whats the problem with the multispace eating rear tyres? something to do with toe in I beleive? and what can be done to   rectify this?
5. can a tailgate be fitted to the van instead of the barn doors?

I hope that's not too many questions and hope the berlingo is a good van as I think its one of the better looking ones on the market just now.


Hi superted,
                   Welcome to the forum.

 I'll try and give you some answers, I don't have a multispace so they will be guesses on my part.

 1/. I think so  , 1a I would think the same as a van.

2/  I can in my van . Took one to the dump  ( sorry recycling place ! ) recently . For some reason it couldn't get up hills never mind mountains.

3/ I think it will have maybe only at the rear , or at least holes for them.

4/ It usually occurs when the bearings in the swinging suspension arm wear/collapse and upsets the rear wheel geometry.  Depends what use it has had to put excess wear on the rear suspension.  Can be expensive to repair.

5/ don't know but it would be interesting project

  Some one will be along soon who will know as this post should be at the top of the list now.
Welcome Ted, some answers depend upon which Berlingo you have in mind. I have an early MkIII (latest shape) Multispace, we get both our adult bikes upright in the rear easily, in fact its the main reason we bought it as we go on cycle holidays every year. The rear seats come out relatively easy in the MkIII, I think the early models were bolted in as well as the loadspace being smaller, others may know more accurately. There are ample anchor points in the rear to secure our bikes using bungees.

I've never had any rear tyre problems, I know some have but I suspect its due to kerbing damage or lack of maintenance.
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Hello superted welcome to the for um good to have you with us 1/ yes 2/yes 3/yes 4/ what model are you thinking of getting MK 3 most are OK but a few eat tyre's on the back for some reason also some pull to the left quite badly check this when you drive it 5/ i think it would be a lot of work to do ??  Smile
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If you configure your choice of multispace on the citroen uk website, at the end you can download a pdf of the specs. I think they can carry 500kg including the driver.

I have four tie-down points, just within the normal boot area, when the back seats are in place.

I don't know whether you can have a tailgate on tbe van, but I'd have had doors on my multispace if it was an option, as the tailgate is huge. It's a useful canopy once open, but annoying when putting a bag in the boot.
Hi ash you buying for biking? Just bought one on Friday specifically for biking/hiking/camping trips and picking up on Tuesday, I think a full built bike will be a stretch standing up, but not impossible, especially if you've no bulkhead. Not sure otherwise but I'll get some pics of mine with the bike in when I pick it up on Tuesday...
Thanks for the feedback people, I really need something that is practical like the Berlingo but I cannot decide over the van or the multispace (It will need cruise control at some point which I believe can be fitted)
Remember that van insurance is more expensive than car insurance......
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You can use the car as a van, but can't use the van as a car.

Plus you can see out of the back windows and it's much quieter due to all the soundproofing.
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