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Berlingo gearbox!!!
Hi, Im new to the forum could someone please advise me.

I purchased a Citroen Berlingo recently then......

The van went into the garage to have the clutch replaced as there was a high spot, new clutch put in and it still has the high spot.

I have been told by a garage that I will need a replacement gearbox - it was leaking oil so the garage replaced the gearbox oil seal. 1 week later it has started leaking oil again. So their advice it to now replace the gearbox!

I have access to a Citroen Dispatch 1.9d gearbox - will this fit straight into my Citroen Berlingo 1.9d or do I need to buy a Berlingo specific gearbox?
Hi & welcome.What do you mean by a "high spot"? The gearbox has an ID plate to help with type. The need to replace it sounds questionable to me.Try & give us a better description as we would hate you to waste your hard earned loot.Confusedalut:
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I'm thinking he means he has a high biting point.

Whereabouts is the oil leak coming from?
(05-07-2014, 07:33 PM)homeruk Wrote:  I'm thinking he means he has a high biting point.

Whereabouts is the oil leak coming from?

My thought as well,hence the questionable gearbox replacement.Confusedalut:
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I'm betting that they overtightened the bolts when they replaced the seal...
The high biting point on a Berlingo is normal, you wasted your money. Every one I've driven the clutch takes off near the top.
Citroen dispatch is not a straight swop, the linkage is different and gearbox mount.
You can convert them because I have done it the other way, berlingo into dispatch.
They are effectively the same Be4 gearbox
My money is on them nicking a gouge out of one of the driveshaft seals as they rammed them back in, for the oil leak...
My money's on input shaft bearing is toasted....
Leaks oil into bell housing.....

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What ulysses said. I've got a tiny leak now that I took mine by accident when I was changing lower arms for the ball joint. End up taking the shaft out and ever since I put it back in it's been leaking. Probably will put a little bit of RTV silicone next time I'm under there to see if it helps stop it.

Unless of course you are having a major oil leak and it's totally different place.

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