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Big problem help
hello members. 

I need help badly

I have a Berlingo van 1.6hdi on a 06 plate
I had a friend do a service for me and two glow plugs broke of in engine.
He tried to get them out with no luck so in the end started to strip engine.
He got 3 fuel injectors out but fourth one got stuck and twisted out with bottom bit still in head.
I got all 3 cleaned and got a new one so after we got glow plugs out of head, he started to put it back together.

Trouble is the van will not start or bump start.
Theirs fuel going to the injectors. He did notice two glow plus leaking abit which that can't stop it from starting. Can I use some sort of paste to seal them.
I was also told that he should of aligned the cam belt cogs up first before he took cam shaft of from under rocker cover. Is this rite. He also used silicone under rocker cover to seal. Is this ok. He did use a new head gasket and bolts when putting back together.

Can anybody suggest anything
Welcome to the forum,  

 Your friend should have set the cam shaft position by fitting timing pins in place before removing the cam shaft. 

Check the engine  timing, if your friend doesn't how to ,know get a Haynes manual  which will give him a good idea of how to do it.  If the cam belt timing is off then it may have damaged the engine.

It may need another engine strip down to replace/repair damage caused by valves hitting the pistons when trying to bump start.
Hi when you say cam shaft, do you mean the part under rocker cover. He put in the pins in when he took the belt off. Can the cam shaft be aligned back if so how. Or is it best to strip engine to see if damaged
How did he get the glow plugs out? If he drilled them he may of damaged the seats which is causing the leakage around the glow plugs. These would need a proffesional repair to fix.
Silicone is no substitute for a propper gasket. Over use can block oilways if it breaks away inside the engine
Cam and crank should have been pinned (or at least marked with tippex or similar) to maintain correct timing.
Finally did he use a torque wrench on the head?
There should be three timing pins used on the 1.6hdi, one on the front of the crank, one on the cam and one on the injector pump. The injector pump is not crucial as it is electronically timed. You will have to remove the crank pully to get at the hole for the crank timing pin.
When your mate re-fitted the new cam belt he should have turned the engine over by hand a couple of times, which would have checked for valves hitting pistons. The engine would have locked if the timing was way out.
You should be able to check the crank and cam timing without stripping the engine down, as it is not a five minute job.
It is possible to get the two camshafts out of time with each other, but they come off with the cam carrier on the top cover so don't need to be disturbed when the head is done.
The cam carrier uses silicone sealer as a gasket, not paper, but you do have to be careful not to use too much as it can block oil-ways.
Minor leaks around the heater plugs should not prevent it starting as many run quite happily with leaking injector seals, but a disconnected crank sensor or similar would prevent it cracking up, so double check the wiring. He may have disconnected wiring to the injector pump and cam position sensor as well.
You say that diesel is getting to the injectors, but have you primed the fuel system with the bulb on the top of the engine?
I would be tempted to get some eezystart spray and give it a good dose. This won't cure it, but if it runs briefly on easy start then you can rule out many of the potential disasters and save yourself an unnecessary strip down.
Thanks for your help so far.
The update is
Timing is in place no cam shaft out of sequence
Fuel to fuel injector and bulb on top been primed.
Used easy start to spray down. Does wander start with that but stops when you stop using spray.
Had to jump lead it from another car as battery gone flat.
My mate said aska garage to plug it in to their laptop to see if their a electrical fault showing.
LHiya people. Found out it the camshaft sensor

Can anybody tell me what colour the plug is that connects to it.
I seem to have a yellow plug near where the sensor is but it dont seem to connect to anything and the sensor has a black plug connected to it. Not sure if the two are mixed up.

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