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Bio Diesel
Hi all.

Long time since I last posted!

Thinking of running my Mk1 1.9 on bio diesel (DW8)
Been a great little runner so far with 160,000 on the clock.
Anyone done this yet?
Results? good/bad?
Would like to know before I do it.
Have read all sorts of conflicting information on the web.

I ran a C15 for 80,000 miles on 75/25 oil/diesel in summer.In winter due to bad starting I ran on 10% veggie.It ran well,reduced diesel knock & slightly (3mpg) improved consumption.
If you have the mechanical as opposed to electronic control it may be worth a try.This is only my opinion & you should check to make sure it is safe for your engine.Confusedalut:
Strawberry flavoured windows  Dodgy
My Xantia (1.9TD XUD) loved it
Thanks for the replies. Will try a 50/50 mix when i'm on half a tank and see how it goes.
I have a spare fuel filter ready!
ps does the berlingo have an inline filter on it as well as the main one?
I ran my 19d Brelingo on a blend for a couple of years (till the scrote up the road wrote it off outside the house through his inability to steer!

I didn't bother with pump bought bio though. I went to Tesco and bought 2x 5ltr bottles of cooking oil (either sunflower or veg oil, doesn't matter) for £10. I chuck them both into a 20ltr jerry can then add 1ltr of unleaded petrol. This thins the cooking oil down a bit because viscosity is your enemy. I then topped the jerry can up with 9lts of ordinary diesel at the pump then tip the mixture into the car. My car had the delphi pump (dervied from Lucas) but never had any starting or running issues.

There's a lot of conflicting info ourt there, but all i can tell you is I've run on this mixture for about 2 years, doing about 200 miles per week.

Unfortunately as I had to get a car quick as part of the insurance claim, i've now got a 2.0HDi Berlingo, which I'm not impressed with. I was told it should do about 8 or 9 MPG more than the 1.9XUD, which would make up for not running on blend. Unfortunately the extra MPG people talk about seems to be a complete lie!

So I'm now looking at how to get a nasty common rail engine to run on veg oil. I've seen written lots of places that it doesn't work, but I'm wondering if a blend similar to what I put in the old 1.9 would?
I ran a 406 hdi on a 25% mix for about 50k miles never had a problem with it finished up with over 300k on it

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Just a quick update peeps.
tried a 50/50 mix of DERV and Bio - No problems at all.
25/75 DERV/Bio - again no problems.

Will get back when on a full tank of Bio and let you know.

£1.15 per litre any cheaper elsewhere?


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