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Bit confused about tyre sizes on mk1 berlingo multispace!
Bit of a mundane question. My berlingo currently has R14 175, 70 H tyres on it. There seems to be fairly limited availability on these. Especially at that speed rating. I regularly load the van up to its payload and want to make sure the tyres are up to the job. Some sources suggest the right tyre size is R14, 175 65 H.

Does it make much difference which of these sizes are used? Can i just replace the front ones to begin with and what load rating should they be?

Sorry for the dull questions but i am not getting anywhere other than baffled from searching net. Most of the tyre shops think it should be on 15" wheels!
Spec is 175/65r14
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Is there a sticker on the drivers' door pillar with inflation pressures? If so,it should give the tyre size as well.Confusedalut:
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Don't worry too much about the speed rating as all UK tyres are rated far higher than the maximum speed we can do legally anyway

Also that tyre size has a load rating of 82 which means each tyre can take 475kg which is plenty for a berlingo with a full load.
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Good point Ron well made! Might be having a bit of a off day today Smile. Your probably right homer uk,but will it have insurance implications though?
I have never heard of somebody's insurance being made void because they use a good quality road legal tyre with a different speed rating than the last time they changed tyres.

If your worried phone your insurers and ask.

How many tyres are you changing btw?

If your changing tyre sizes you ideally need to change all four and don't forget to check the spare.

In fact what is the tyre size of your spare?
Just had a check after kicking myself a few times 175/70/r14 T. Wouldnt be so bad but i only used that plate to check the tyre pressures last friday!!
Don't worry,nobody's perfect.Rolleyes:whistle::wave:
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Lol least its sorted.

Now its time to do some shopping!

Or just tell your local friendly tyre fitter to change them....
Is this a record? Problem solved in less than 30 mins?:lol::lol:Confusedalut::thumbsup:
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