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Bleeping Berlingo!
Only had my Berlingo 2 months, it's a 2004 2.0 hdi.
I keep getting occasional warning bleeps but not sure what they are telling me, the owners manual dosen't explain anything.
I get the door open warning bleeps and key left in ignition bleeps but...
Do you get a warning bleep when fuel is low? My diesel low fuel light has come on for the first time yesterday and now getting bleep everytime I start engine.
If it goes into eco mode and then you start van, does battery light stay on for a few seconds then go off with a bleep to tell you system has fully charged up again?
All these bleeps get on my wick, when you hear one you immediately think something is wrong, pointless in my opinion.
Anyway, any bleeping help welcome Smile
As far as I remember you only get a bleep when the fuel first lights up the warning. I might be wrong but don't think it then bleeps each turn over after that.

Is you airbag warning light on?
My 04 plate HDi Multispace beeps every start - up if the fuel is low.
2004 Multispace Desire HDi - "Bertie"
Yes mine bleeps at me sometimes and i have no idea why!

As mike says regarding the fuel bleep.
It must bleep for low fuel then!
After nearly 11 years I have probably got used to it.
It bleeps when the air bag ligh is lit. Seems to do 2 about a minute apart!
Thanks for replies. Looks like a low fuel bleep every start then. I filled it full when I bought it and was just trying to see how many miles I get on a full tank. Shall keep fuel away from the bleeping zone in future.
Airbag light not on so rules that out.
Any thoughts on the eco mode bleeping?
It's a beep just to remind you that you are driving a really cool car! At least, that's what the salesman said..
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If mine has low fuel it definitely bleeps on every start. Same if the very occasional spurious brake fluid level warning it throws up occurs. The latter also causes the STOP annunciator to flash.

Every now and then it bleeps on start without any obvious reason. I ignore that. If a door is open or fluid low it will tell me again soon enough.
Mine also bleeps if I hit the accelerator and brake at the same time by accident as I sometimes do. Even with the water at the correct level I can make it throw a low - coolant and STOP at me haring round big roundabouts when it leans over :-)
2004 Multispace Desire HDi - "Bertie"
when im driving my 2.0 hdi 2004 bleeps 3 times then the battery light comes on for a few minutes then go out any body know why

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