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Dear All

Anyone done a fuel consumption check on one of the new 100hp vans yet?

Or even better on a Multispace?

Cheers (and Happy Christmas).
I would be interested as I collect a 100hp Blue Multispace in Jan.Also,how much adblue do they use? It looks as though the  tank is about 7 litres? No brochures available from the pathetic Citroen sales dept despite several e mails. Dodgy
Strawberry flavoured windows  Dodgy
Ron ...... looks like you'll be on the cutting edge of knowledge then. Please keep us informed, eh?

I've read somewhere that the AdBlue tank is supposed to last between scheduled services ..12k miles, then?

I'm sure someone will find out how to DIY to save paying someone to stand around for half an hour watching it dribbling into the tank.
I serviced a blue hdi 308 about 4 weeks ago, the owner had needed tor if I'll the adblue tank before the service. The dealers did it for him. I think, but cannot be 100%, that the mileage for the 1st service was 16000.
Cost of topping up the adblue is very small though.
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  • ron
I recently brought a 1.6 Multispace feel edition blue hdi 100. I believe the adblue tank is 17 litres.
I have only done about 700 miles. I seem to be getting just under 50 mpg doing 10 mile journeys.
I have got 60 mpg on longer runs. Mpg should improve with more miles. I also find that mpg gets better in the summer because engines warm up quicker.
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Grunt & Lighty. Thanks for your comments.I will post on anything that crops up but you,Lighty will probably beat me to it on account of your experience  with PSA vehicles & your regular working on them. Big Grin
Strawberry flavoured windows  Dodgy
(24-12-2015, 12:55 PM)Grunt The Courier Wrote:  Dear All

Anyone done a fuel consumption check on one of the new 100hp vans yet?

Or even better on a Multispace?

Cheers (and Happy Christmas).
Hi there,i have the multispace 100hp.I have only done 1200 miles,so far i am getting about 50-55mpg with a mixture of low mileage journeys(under 10 miles) and medium range journeys (25-50 miles).I have only done one relatively long journey of 200 miles and it returned 60mpg on that occasion.The model i have is the semi-auto which is supposed to be the eco friendly model.I like to think of myself as an average driver.IE,keeping within speed limits but not dawdling along.I expect the MPG to improve as i get a few more miles on the clock.The last Multispace i had was 90hp which was manual and i regularly got 50-55 mpg with that once it got a few miles on it.Hope that helps..
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