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[Brakes] brakes
hi I got my van through the mot after a fail to a leaking back off side drum (I knew this would fail as I was topping up brake fluid when stop light came on) had the work done at the same garage to get it through its mot since then the brakes been very spongy still not happy phoned the garage they reckon the master cylinder needed replacing so I had a new one fitted by mobile mechanic as I didn't want to drive with the brakes to spongy when he was bleeding the brakes the brake pedal started crunching the mechanic said its the servo so I decided to replace the servo after bleeding and pressure bleeding then bleeding with the van running for the servo to work still no brakes he gave up so I booked it in with Halfords garage they will start the work on Monday they said the master cylinder needs to be from main dealer I am more worried of getting ripped off any ideas lads?
I think your problem's started when the garage done the rear brake if there not bled right they will be spongy there is air still in the system the rear of the van need's to be in the air as far up as you can the load sensor need to be fully open when bleeding them to get all the air out they are a pig to do that's why they were spongy as for the other thing's they done after that i can't say it needed doing or not but your at the point of no return do you put it back together or get the new part's fitted  Sad hope you get it sorted 
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Don't worry about being ripped off by Halfords, you've already been ripped off by the mobile mechanic. If he fitted a new master cylinder then couldn't bleed the brakes then its not the master cylinder.  

An aftermarket master cylinder will do the job just as well , it may even be made by the citron supplier

The brake pedal crunching cant be caused by the servo

The rear load limiting valve on the rear subframe can cause problems when bleeding and so can the rear flexi hoses.
Personally I would change the all the flexible hoses , front and rear. then pressure bleed the brakes with the load limiting valve lever in the fully loaded position , that way there should be no obstruction to the flow of brake fluid.
Cheers for the input. I had a call from Halfords asking me if I had another key as they locked the key in the ignition thought my day couldn't get any worse lol has it goes I havnt got a second key they did say they would try get in I think one heavy brick one window lol hope I have no damage baffling how easy is it to break in? need to check with them when or if this issue gets resolved they also said that they bled the brakes on Saturday seems to be a problem with the master cylinder I will phone them tomorrow and ask them to change the flexible hoses and try bleed them with the rear load limiting valve on full load thanks again I really do aprieciate yr input
IMHO Hellfrauds, as a vehicle repairer are totally incompetent. How the hell in this day and age do you train mechanics to be
all-knowing on all brands of vehicle?
Some years back a friend was selling a Mk.3 Escort and he had a exhaust blow in either the centre or rear section of the system.
He told them explicitly NOT to remove the front section. They still ended up shearing two manifold studs!
Why?? Who knows?? The service manager tried to fob off my friend by telling him that it had been necessary to loosen the manifold
in order to line up the exhaust system......As my friend is a very highly qualified mechanical engineer who has designed and fabricated
prototype F1 steering and suspension components, he was not too impressed. It ended up costing Hellfrauds rather a lot of money.

You might want to frighten yourself further! Have a look at the reviews!
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OMG reading the reviews on review centre web site what an eye opener I wont be going back to Halfords cheers Jeffers. On picking my van up I asked them how they broke in as they locked my key in the van they said one of the lads who work there used to well good at breaking in to cars very dodgy no damage to the doors then presented me with a 250 bill I had my money back from the master cylinder fitted by the mobile mechanic Halfords changed the master cylinder trying to tell me that my front discs needed changing as well as the pads I know pads been changed before the mot and would of been told the discs are knackered upon changing the pads so think they trying to get more money out of me I will get the discs checked at a garage I been told are trustworthy by a work mate. I used to live in London and recently moved to more south so finding a garage that don't rip you off few and far between thanks again for all yr help people
Where do you live now? If it's anywhere Hastings way there's a very good Citroen specialist in St Leonards. He's so good that I travel down from Reading to use him to do stuff I can't do or can't be bothered to do..
2004 Multispace Desire HDi - "Bertie"
I used a Halfords Autocentre once, ...never again. They are the biggest bunch of incompetent numbties to be found in the auto trade anywhere! After having them replace a clutch on my mark 2 Berlingo for me, I found the engine undertray was almost dragging on the road, having been refitted to my vehicle by cable ties and randomly screwed-in self tappers! I had to buy another set of the 3 proper undertray retaining screws from Citroen and fix it myself! I also discovered a few days later that they had cracked my gearbox casing, and it was leaking a litre of oil a week!
hi all I live in Eastbourne now so not to far from st leonards do you have the name of that garage? had the discs checked by a garage around the corner free of charge on advice from a work mate and they don't need changing surprise surprise so I have saved 186 pounds. I am pleased that it wasn't a clutch how much did they charge ? cheers for the info every one
MG Autos
Lower Ground floor, rear of
111 Seddlescombe Road North
St. Leonards on Sea
TN37 7EJ

Daytime business number ONLY - 07779 018025

Top bloke is Malcolm. A proper old - school mechanic, small workshop, very knowledgeable. Served his time at Citroen when the GSA and CX were about. If you ever use him, tell him Northern_Mike sent you.

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2004 Multispace Desire HDi - "Bertie"

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