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CD player stays on when ignition off / keys removed

Im completely new to Citroen so forgive me if i sound stupid; I've always had Fords, but now have a 53 plate Mk2 Berlingo as a disability vehicle for my daughter.

When i bought the Berlingo it had a factory fitted tape player stereo. I've taken this out and put in my JVC stereo from my Fiesta so my daughter can listen to her CDs. I was surprised it went straight in - i didnt need to buy another ISO lead or anything!

But the problem now is that the stereo doesn't come on when the ignition is turned on - it must be manually turned on - and when its on, it doesn't turn off when the ignition is off and the key is removed. Again, it must be manually turned off.

I know absolutely nothing about electrics. How do I get it so that the stereo turns on when I turn the ignition on and turns off when I turn it off, the way it was with the standard tape player that was already there?


Apologies if I've posted this in the wrong place..
Usually you have to swap the red and yellow wires over. However I've just done this on a new unit in my car and you have to beware. It's not necessarily red and yellow on the citroen wiring loom. In my case it was red and yellow on the extension lead supplied with the radio. The red and yellow on the Citroen wiring loom were thin wires and seemed to be speaker outputs or something.

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I fitted an additional wiring adaptor from halfords for the same problem, it has an ignition live that I wired to the lighter socket (took dash apart and soldered in), but you could do the same thing just taking a wire from the ignition live from the radio and missing out the plugs.

It seems that the radio gets power got 5mins after you take out the key, the lighter switches off immediately.
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There's an eco live feed which stays live for a short while after the engine is off and then it turns off to prevent the battery getting flat.

If the head unit stay on after switch off for a short spell, you are using the eco live instead of the perm live feed. There's a perm live in the loom, but with my ISO socket it wasn't married up to anything on the head unit, so I had to swap it with the eco live feed and then it worked exactly how it should. You need a multi meter to find the right wire.
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Thanks for the replies guys.

I am absolutely clueless when it comes to wiring and electrics. Although it sounds pretty straight forward, so i imagine a garage wouldn't charge all that much to sort it?

Thanks again Smile
Your best bet would be to find a car audio shop near you and get them to fit the correct patch lead or go to Halfords and get them to do the same with one of there tech guys. It shouldnt cost to much.
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