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Car/ Van ferry prices.
Just been checking out ferry prices from dover to France.

Pricing for a small car, the cheapest is about £70 return , a small private van same size is about £ 210 return.

Anyone know if a multispace classed as a van or is a van classed as a multispace for prices?

Just wondering if I stick/ paint fake side windows with heavy tint would it pass as a multispace.

Van = van. Multispace = car.
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Well! Well, I would never have guessed !
Well you did ask.
Somedays you're the pigeon, Somedays you're the statue.
I am going Dover/Dunkirk with DFDS & my Multispace cost £78 return in June for 3 weeks.Hope this helps.:thumbsup:
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Thanks Ron Happy holidays
What I don't understand is a multispace, same size and shape as a berlingo van is a third of the price.
The berlingo van is a car derived van @ £105 single fare, and a multispace is a van derived car @£35.

It must be similar to the Severn Bridge toll,£6-20 car & double for a van.I know,I had a C15 & it was cheaper to go via(& congest) Gloucester.Confusedcratch:
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A van can go across the channel for the same price as a multispace if it is registered and used as a private vehicle. The higher price is when it is being used as a work or goods vehicle. For many years we had a van (not a berlingo) as our private transport and we crossed the channel many times for the same price as a car the same size. You often see stealth campers (campers that look like vans - no windows etc) on the crossings and they have only paid the standard price.

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What you need to watch is the height. Different operators have different classifications.

DFDS is 1.85 max before being charged extra
Britanny Ferries is 1.83 and classified as a MPV?
P&O is 1.80 max - you have to specify actual height and at 1.86 it shows fewer sailings! for today. Could be a problem if you want flexibility of travel.

Note that fares on P&O at the moment (11.00am) are all over the place. The more flexible fares are the cheapest?

The Berlingo is is shown as 1.80/1.83/1.86 in the handbook. XTR highest.
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