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Changing front side lights

I put a post in the thread about changing front side light bulbs but it was in the solved forum, so I suspect it may be ignored.

How can you change the bulb? The handbook is not very clear, I have pressed a white piece of plastic and tried to push it forward at the same time but it does not move, that's the nearside. The O/S one seems very loose as if it's broken, maybe a previous owner lost patience. Anu ideas or photos how to do it? The other thread says it's easy, well I think the back ones are easy but not the front.
Mk.2 or Mk.3?
Last of the Mk1, M49, 2002
On the mk1 there's a hole in the n/s inner wing through which you can see the indicator bulb holder, put your finger in and press forward on the bulb holder as you press down with your screwdriver. The lamp should then pop out, needs a lot of force on the plastic lug though just where the colour of the plastic changes from greyish to black, not at the very end off the lug. Just tried mine, two seconds and it was out.

Wasn't Norms question about the sidelight, not the indicator? Confusedcratch:

No experience of the Mk.1, Norm.
Hope it's easier than a Mk.2? Confusedillyme:
Yes it was , but the mk1 sidelight is in the indicator lamp.

Thanks brodfather11, so far so good.

So I now have the assembly out, I can see the back of the indicator bulb and side light.

The handbook says one quarter turn and the bulb assembly should pop out. That's easy for the indicator but the sidelight is against a wall, that being where the indicator is. There is no way that the sidelight bulb holder will turn 90 degrees. Any ideas or should I just pull it? I am working with the best plastic that money can get here, so I don't want to break it.
Ok your getting there, It will not turn unless the connector is removed. To do that press the wire thingy in and pull it away from the bulb holder , you will be left with the bulb holder and with a small pair of pliers/strong fingers twist it anti clockwise.
If they haven't be disturbed for awhile they will be tight with the rubbery bits sticking together.

see pic

[Image: wbcleu.jpg]
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Thanks again, I will try it tomorrow.

I changed a timing belt belt on my GSA many years ago, that was a lot easier.

I may post piccys to help other poor people just trying to change a bulb.

PS I have owned a GS, GSA, BX, Xantia, and a Xsara Picasso as well so i am use to Citroens, maybe I am getting too old for this.
Job done Smile

When I did a lot of work on my cars in the past, it was all nuts, bolts and screws. Now its clips and plastic so I am scared of snapping things. Mind you on a 11 year old car in them days it was all rusted so you had other problems :S

Thanks to all that have helped. Thanks to this forum, I have fixed many things with the help of forums, mainly my car and washing machines.

Attached some piccies that may help.

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