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Citroen Berlingo Mk3 V2.0
Hi! I'm a proud owner of a Citroen Berlingo Mk3 (restyling).. Actually this is my 2nd Berlingo... I had an accident with the 1st one and decided do buy another..

It's a Citroen Berlingo from July 2013, mk3 restyling. Here are the specs:

Transmission: CXVM BE4L (CP 17 X 71)
Power: 75 bhp @ 4000 rpm
Torque: 136 lb/ft @ 1750 rpm
Tyres: Michelin Energy Saver 195/65 R15

Here are some pictures of the day it arrived to Citroen:

[Image: ku7z.jpg]

[Image: ae0t.jpg]

[Image: itnz.jpg]

[Image: 61i7.jpg]

[Image: qgqm.jpg]

For those who don't know me, I'm a trackday addicted Big Grin

With ~200km's on the dash, i've decided to test the new toy on "Vasco Sameiro Circuit".. 17" Steelies with semi-slick tyres on and let's go!

[Image: 3hc3.jpg]

[Image: fg9a.jpg]

[Image: ed4w.jpg]

A few weeks later i've changed the suspension setup.. Unfortunately i don't have any pics because it was suposed to be only a test.. I've used Bilstein 909 inserts with H&R coil springs..

At the front i've choosen a spring rate of 3,15kg/mm and at the rear, 2,65kg/mm. Got the front ~30mm lowered and the rear ~40mm..

Very important too is the alignment setup.. After several setups tested on track, the ideal setup for me is:

Front: -3,2º Camber / +7º Caster / 0º Toe
Rear: -1,2º Camber / +0,15º Toe

I know it's nonsense trying to improve a van's handling to do trackday's & hillclimb 'cause it's a.... van! On the other hand, since my job is relationated with Automotive and Motorsport Engineering, it's been a challenge Smile
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  • addo
Im old fasioned
I ran mine gently for a few months first.
On December 2013, I went to the Dyno:

[Image: uo7v.jpg]

All stock, it measured a little bit more than i expected:

[Image: vajk.jpg]

83,6hp / 207,8Nm.. Not bad for a 75hp engine Big Grin

(27-05-2014, 07:20 AM)evdama Wrote:  Im old fasioned
I ran mine gently for a few months first.

I ran mine gently too, essentially on break-in period Wink Driving on a track doesn't mean you have to flat out every time Big Grin

On March 2013, i went to "Estoril Circuit".. It was the best trackday ever!

[Image: zmmj.jpg]

Here is a video that shows the friendly ambiance:
Another Portuguese on Berlingo Forum! Welcome!
I really like your Van!

keep up the Good Work!
It´s always nice to see people interested in projects on a Van, Like Berlingo! The Best Van on the Market Big Grin
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  • Ricardo Mendes
Looking good what camber bolts did you use for the front did you need spacer's for rear toe and camber ? Confusedalut:
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Eccentric custom top mounts on the front and camber shims on the rear Wink

Oh the rear, you need to put camber shims between hub carrier and axle.. You got 4 bolts and you can "adjust" toe and camber with more or less shims:

[Image: p4.jpg]

This is a Mitsubishi Colt but the Berlingo axle is pretty much the same Wink

Actually I only run 20mm spacers on front.. At the rear, i've made new hubs, 22mm wider. Since i work a lot with CNC Machining, it was kind of easy to do that Smile
Thank's for the info i wish i had a machine shop to hand :thumbsup:
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