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Citroen Have Lost My Berlingo Multispace
Hi guys,
Was supposed to pickup my brand new Multispace XTR 115bhp from the dealers today. But guess what Citroen have lost it, received email from Citroen saying it had arrived in UK on the 18/06/14 went to dealer on 21st to complete documents confirmed would be delivered to dealer during week arranged to pickup 28th Phoned Friday as not heard anything, told it had not arrived and they would look into. Salesman phoned back told me that Citroen said it was delivered on 25th which it hadn’t, person he spoke to at Citroen not being very helpful. He and the sales manager are still phoning round, no news yet.:censored:
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If it were me I would be on the phone everyday , not just to the salesman, but to someone higher up the chain too.

You have spent thousands of pounds and all they can say is they have lost it?

Also if you have the time a visit to the dealers and making them sort it out in front of you can yield results too.

I would also be asking for a discount.
I'd probably lose it too, but with the UK HQ. Simply not on; you get the impression it's either been damaged or rank has been pulled to take the car for another dealer.

Plus there should be tabloid fodder in it, about how you planned to use the new Berlingo for transporting elderly crippled golden retrievers to Disney Paris and now these lovable old dogs might pass away without peeing against a fibreglass tree even once in their lives...
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At the moment I’ll leave them to it see what they say on Monday, don't think anythings going to happen over weekend. Only paid a small deposit so not out of pocket yet.
Suprised that Citroen seem unable to track a vehicle from the UK port of entry to the dealership.
" hunt the thimble " hasn't a look-in. Sad

Dealer said my car was someone else's.when I phoned after Berlingo was put in for fuel fault. Invoice has others details

And that was after they said they didn't have it Smile

Hope you get it asap
Former 2011 Mk3 XTR owner Confusedalut:
I'd have a guess its been damaged and they are trying to bulls**t their way out of it whilst they repair it.
Take a trip to the dealers have a look round to see i you can find it in the repair shop or sitting out back waiting for a repair if it's there pull them up about it and try to get a discount Rolleyes
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Have you visited , phoned them yet.

I too would be having a look in their repair center and if I find it having a chat to the mechanic to find out what happened without revealing my interest in it plus getting a cost of the damage caused and getting that amount deducted off the cost of the car
Had 2 similar issues.back in the 70s took my new suzuki gt 250 back to dealers for first service.went to collect they couldnt find it. turned out they sold it.2nd was my escort van bought new in 99.not ready on the date of collection. i found out it was back ended whilst stationary at ford dealer.i only found out when at 6 months old it was showing rust around reardoor hinges.
LOL at selling the bike; a friend's great-uncle did something similar with a niece he disliked. A pawnbroker, the niece one day popped in whilst shopping and asked if he could mind her baby (it was in the pram).

When she came back, the pram had been sold - old man defended himself by saying "You only asked me to look after the baby"...

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