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Citroen Service Plans
Just collected my 2010 XTR from the local Citroen garage after its 24K service. A 2 year service plan was included in the deal when I bought this vehicle second hand with 1800 miles on the clock.

I am very concerned that other than provide me with a check list of what they had inspected the only parts fitted were a fuel filter and a pollen filter. No oil and filter change! As this was changed at 12K it is supposed to last until th 36K service. My fuel consumption is down to the low 40's now when I have been used to almost 50 at motorway speeds. The air filter is the original one and again expected to last until the 36k service.

Having experienced a turbo failure at 70k on a previous Renault with 18k service intervals I am not prepared to take a chance again and will be changing the oil, filter and air filter myself asap.
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It seems to be generally agreed that on the 1.6HDi engine, assuming that's what you have,
ideally oil changes should be at around 6000 miles. I would be talking at length with the
service manager of that branch to find out why an oil change was not carried out or even
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Great idea to do it yourself, it would have been better if they had only changed the oil and nothing else.
When I picked my car up from the dealers last month, the sales guy said the car had been serviced 3 times, as the mileage was 22k, but he said it was annual, ie 3 times for the 3 years of its life.
When I checked the history at home, turns out it had been serviced once at 12000, and had been 22 months since last done, and 10000 miles.You would expect that they would have done a service before I purchased it, but they had not, and also let me take the car with a horrendous rattle on the front suspension, knowing I was about to undertake a 2000 mile journey in 1 weeks time.
I shall not mention who the dealers are, but generally the customer service I encounter from main dealers in general is nothing short of appalling. They will tell you anything to fob you off, it seems.
Hope you get your oil changed, they should be doing it foc really if you have a package.
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Check with Citroen UK what should be included in the service package
Former 2011 Mk3 XTR owner Confusedalut:
Thanks for the feedback. My first diesel was a ZX TurboD which I serviced myself from 12K. I used to change the oil every 6K and when I sold it 6 years later with 190K on the clock it was still going as strong as when I bought it and still on the same turbo. I know the introduction of synthetic oil has meant that service intervals can be longer but 20K cannot be good for anyone unless you the replacement turbo business. I will be calling my garage tomorrow.
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Presuming it's a 1.6Hdi engine. (don't know what engine options are available on the XTR). Please come back and let us know what engine you've got.

What does your car manual say about servicing?

Ring another Citroen dealer and ask them the service intervals are for your XTR but don't mention the service plan - see what they say.

Oh, by the way. Go over your service interval or mileage and you will loose your warranty. 2010 veh you could still have many months of warranty left. They will not honour it in any way if you it's not serviced as per their scheduling. The 12k oil servicing is critical and as previously stated, many use the 6k oil change as the norm.

Unless you have a petrol engine and the goal posts move.

Hope that helps
It would appear that the oil and filter were changed as part of the service although there is no mention of the filter change on the parts list. I have checked the filter casing and it is clean so I owe them an apology. I will still be changing the air filter as I have been averaging around the high 40's until recently(mid 50's driven sensibly). When I used to service my own cars I used to change the air filter at 18k. I notice that the service book says 36 to 40k for the filter change so this may be why some forum members are achieving such poor fuel consumption.
Thanks for all your feedback.
I left my air filter 'till 30,000m & noticed no increase in fuel consumption.
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