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Clanking brake pedal on New Berlingo
Have had my brand new Citroen Berlingo Multispace XTR only 1 week with only 200 miles on the clock and I already have a problem! I started to notice that depressing and releasing the brake pedal leads to clanking metal on metal sound down in the footwell towards the engine.
So I took it back to the Citroen dealer I bought it from and they checked it out. Mechanic came back and said that the problem has been reported to Citroen before and that they are aware of it ! Said he didn't think it applied to newer models. Apparently due to the shape of brake pipes contact is made when using the brake. Citroen has apparently said it was just a car specific thing and just happened !! Engineer said he would get in touch with Citreon and check if they had decided on wether to issue a modification or not.
To cut a long story short the mechanic phoned me back in the afternoon and said yes Citreon has issued a modification for the brake pipes and that he has ordered the part and the car goes back in on Friday next week to have this modification.
Good that they have resolved BUT why are they selling new cars with the problem ? Why hasn't there been a recall ?
Have any of you on this forum had the same problem?
I don't recall anyone on here mentioning that problem but it may be worth you looking at:-

May give help in the future

2012 Iron Grey XTR 110 with lots of bits and bobs.
This has been noted on this forum before, indeed my car has had it since new in December 2014, and I am still waiting for Citroen to come up with a solution, so don't hold your breath! A few other members on here have had the same noise, all on late model Berlingos.
2014 Berlingo Multispace 1.6 e-Hdi XTR ETG6
Yes, I've had the same thing on my Dec 2014 Berlingo, but it doesn't do it all the time, so not been too bothered about it. I'll report it to the dealer next time. I'm a bit cheesed off with them, actually, because I had a DAB radio fitted when I got the car. It has never worked properly. I could hear next to nothing on FM or AM which meant no radio at all when abroad, and took it back to them a couple of times. They told me if you had a DAB fitted, you could not receive FM on the radio as well. Rubbish, I thought, so I went to car radio experts who told me the DAB unit was faulty. Back to the dealer. Usual 'you'll have to bring it in again for a master technician to look at it.' Hmmmm.... I suspected they would never get it working properly. Finally, I thought 'Sod it.' I asked the car radio shop to fit a new one for me. They said the DAB Citroen had fitted was pretty basic. The new one cost £170 fitted and works like a dream. I can get FM and AM too!!!!! The control is far easier to operate. I've written off the £170. The original DAB was part of the deal from Citroen. Pity I've been five months without a proper radio. Next time I get a new car, I'll go straight to the car radio experts.
They are cutting corner's to save money and doing them self no favour's at all and the dealer's are no better try to milk you at every point iv'e had to pull them up to day on a point on a service they think you are thick and it's them that do not know what they are doing and me telling them in what order to do a service on a 1.6 HDI plus other thing's iv'e got a meeting Monday with the manager and ( technician ? ) i can already smell the bull  Dodgy
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We have the same problem with our 2015 VTR Plus model. Dealer states it is a problem with the servo and has ordered same. We have been waiting for over a month now. They have said that they have not come across this problem before!!!! We wait to see.

If Citroen know there is a pipe problem you would think they would let dealers into the secret and get it sorted.
I've had a 'clanking' clutch pedal in the past, it was a spring on the pedal coming off (down in the footwell). Might be worth checking?
MkIII VTR 1.6hdi Modutop, Climate Pack, 16" Alloys
Took mine into the dealer last week and showed them the original posting from Saps62 and after a phone call by them to Citroen, it was confirmed that the old style metal brake pipes have been changed to ones that use rubber and metal, and indeed these were causing the clanking noise on the pedal.

However, Citroen had stressed in the call that even though there had been many complaints about it, and had replaced a few under warranty to the older style metal pipes, the Service Dept was told to tell the customer (me) that it was just a "normal feature of the vehicle".

Fortunately my dealer is great, and he told me that it was unacceptable and they were going to push Citroen for mine to be done under warranty.

I am just awaiting the call now, but it is quite interesting that they refuse to admit to it being a widespread problem.

My suggestion - print out this thread and show your dealer as I did!
2014 Berlingo Multispace 1.6 e-Hdi XTR ETG6
It just show's you what we are dealing with spend all that moneys with them and they don't want to know what can we do I'm at a loss with it all  Confused  Angry
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(13-06-2015, 09:39 PM)Jed Clampit Wrote:  It just show's you what we are dealing with spend all that moneys with them and they don't want to know what can we do I'm at a loss with it all  Confused  Angry

It's reading posts about problems like this and Citroens responses that are putting me off buying/ordering mine!  Undecided  

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