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Compensator spring? broken
I've this this annoying twang noise coming from the rear end ever since I bought my 2004 berlingo. Test is due in 2 weeks so just doing a reccie this morning.
I have managed to source the twang noise down to a small spring on the offside rear, after a poke around I find it has snapped on one end and isn't attached to anything. Google tells me it is something to do with the brake compensator?
I presume this is the replacement part:

I am not familiar with the berlingos braking system so how does this affect car and how do you replace it?
Hi Jonnie ,
The spring connects to a valve. They are also know as a load limiting valve. If you have a heavy load in the back it allows more fluid through the valve to the rear brakes .

If no load its restricts the amount so that when in wet/rainy conditions it does no lock up the rear brakes and cause a skid.

it is not an MOT failure as long as the valve does not leak and not all berlingos have them , ones with ABS systems for instance.

They can be awkward trying to replace them on the ground , really needs a lift
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My berlingo is non abs. I will order a new spring.
How can I tell if the valve itself is good? Should you be able to move the arm by hand and if so, how much should it move?
It does look very awkward to get at, I have ramps so will just have to give it a go myself.
should be movable with fingers/little leverage, its only 20/40mm or so movement . If it hasn't moved for awhile it may be a little stubborn but will be OK. They are not known for leaking or causing problems. If it wasn't there you wouldn't be able to tell just by driving/braking, if fact there will be hundreds of berlingos/partners running around without them working.

Good luck for when you fit the spring.
Thanks, that's a good help.
I imagine there'll be plenty who don't know this part has failed until MOT time, good job I checked first.
Have ordered spring and seller even offered that I can contact him should I need any advice in fitting correctly which is good of him.
Hallelujah! Fitted the new compensator spring. Hell of a fiddly, sweary job as you just can't get your hands in properly.
First was to jack and support rear end, remove spare wheel and off side wheel removed.
I couldn't simply cut the old spring out no matter how I tried. Best solution was to soak the entire thing in wd40 and leave overnight. I then managed to undo the grub screw on the ring that keeps the spring tensioned against the compensator arm using appropriate star key socket on a long extension bar. Then mole grips on the ring and turn and pull the spring until it came free.
Fitted new spring then did the nuts up halfway. Wheel back on and car back on ground. Lying under car, continue doing up nuts until arm is up against the rubber plunger and there's no play in arm. You can then push the car up and down while lying underneath to replicate weight in the back and see the compensator in action.
MOT today so here's hoping it's good.
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just come on to talk about the spring twang in the back of my 04 this answer everything! great job lol
Did she pass ??
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(14-05-2015, 06:39 PM)martybelfasthdi Wrote:  just come on to talk about the spring twang in the back of my 04 this answer everything! great job lol

The ebay seller of the spring sent me a good write up of the job, it may help you and others:

You can fit it any how you like but you'll need all the wheels on the ground to do SET it properly,
which means the use of a pit, four poster ramp, home ramps, high Kerb or anything which enables you to get underneath to the LSV while the wheels are on the ground.
Cutting off the remainder of the old spring is usually the easiest way of getting rid of it.
With NO load in the vehicle, Poke the threaded part of your new spring through the lever arm hole and loosely put the dome nut on a few threads, as it arrived to you, dome first. Next you need to hook the spring into the tab usually on top of the trailing arm forward of the LSV (normally about 1/2" square with a hole in it or similar, they do vary a little).
Then once that is hooked up, tighten the dome nut up to the lever arm to finger tight to remove any play, then lock it up at that with the lock nut provided, and that’s it, done, MOT Passed.

Summary: No load, tighten dome nut finger tight, lock it up at that with the lock nut. Then when there's a load or passengers in the back, the weight makes the vehicle sit down which stretches the spring opening up the valve allowing more brake effect (100% of available) to the rear, which is then needed with the extra load.
(14-05-2015, 09:51 PM)Jed Clampit Wrote:  Did she pass ??

She certainly did, with flying colours. Smile

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